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Couple of Weekend Beers

We normally get a pitcher when we have sandwiches at Chiocca’s, but the keg had blown and we weren’t interested in waiting for the changeover. A couple of cans of PBR did the trick.

Bottle shop here got a bunch of cases of these deGarde Brewing Kriek BuVeaux bottles. This was spontaneously fermented, with cherries, and aged in oak barrels for two years. It’s not my normal style preference, but they never show up around here so I splurged.

Solid beery Saturday

Started this weekend’s podcast recording (in person with Adam!) with this very solid IPA from Burial Brewing.

Then we moved over to this decent DIPA. Great label but I don’t remember the brewery.

And I wrapped the day with a family outing to a new Mexican place, and standard-issue Negra Modelo, that opened by us. I got the birra tacos and they were delicious.

Courtesy Desk Popup

I do enjoy stopping by the Cask for the semi-regular Courtesy Desk popup.

Tracy’s shop is stocked with great tunes worth checking out.

Making lemonade

Stuck in the Phoenix airport long enough to miss all of my connecting flights home, but I’ll land in Charlotte too late to do anything.

Not that I need a reason to have a cold one and a sandwich, but this’ll do.

A classic for recording last night

They don’t all have to be dry-hopped collabs.


It was a lot of fun to get out with the old tennis guys last night. We joined a new club this year and I have been spending most of my time playing there. Thursday Night Tennis is still play for a couple of hours and then drink beer and hang for a while, and I’m glad for it, but the Ridgetop game always has bigger beers at the end and I’m moving a step slow this morning.

Now I have to decide if I’m going to play in the heavy heat this weekend.


Long weekend for me started with some light yard work and now a throwback IPA from Triple Crossing.

Setting myself up for success, as always.

Beer catchup

Reality Approaches from The Veil is a new IPA from them, brewed to celebrate their 6th anniversary.

The unusual grain profile (naked oats and raw wheat) creates a very different Veil IPA than I’m used to. I liked it.

Other Half Poetry Snaps is a tasty rice lager. Using rice as the grain really lightens the whole thing and it’s a perfect late spring/early summer beer.

Like they say in the description, it’s 100% super crushable.

Other Half Sixth Man Lager is in the more traditional lager style. You can see that it’s darker than the rice lager and it definitely has more weight.

I wouldn’t go all the way to crushable, but it is very, very drinkable.

Late, late lunch.

A Foam Brewers IPA at Mekong is juuuuuust right.