Snowy Sunday

That snow sky paid off, for a few hours anyway. I hustled out to get a fire started so I could drink some coffee in the snow.

We ended up with about 4 inches. This measurement was after it had been raining/sleeting a bit. It would have been a ton of snow if we’d gotten 5 degrees colder.

That morning coffee was the only time I left the house. I spent the evening working on this miso-marinated flank steak stir fry. It was a tasty but I already know what changes I’m making for next time.

Beer-in-the-snow postscript, because beer and firepits are like “peas and carrots”, as Forrest would say.

SaMcast 151 “The Money Fire”

Streaming old TV, more improv podcasts, we go long on home automation and organization:


###Followup and Footnotes


Chocolate Sombrero. I think “Mexican-Style” means pepper spicy. There might be something there but it’s pretty mild. The Prairie Bomb is my reference for this kind of thing.

It’s only okay.

12 Beers of Christmas 3 and 4

I should spread them out more but I didn’t want a beer last night. Sorry.

Pecan Pie Porter is fun to say and easy to drink. I spent a winter getting into porters a few years ago. It’s a nice compromise where you get a lot of the maltiness of a big stout with a much lower ABV

This one was much more “porter” than “pecan pie”, which is a positive in my book.

Space Cake is a really great DIPA that I’ve had several times. At 9% it’s one to be wary of but, man, is it tasty.

This is the only one in the box so I’ll be fine.

12 Beers of Christmas Days 1 and 2

We all got our own open-one-a-day calendars this year. Mine is from Clown Shoes Brewing. I haven’t had a ton of their beers but I have really enjoyed the ones I have.

Day One was a dry-hopped IPA. It’s a standard-issue style these days and this one was really tasty.

Day Two was a Bavarian-Style IPA. This is not a style I’ve had before and I don’t know that the Bavarians are known for their IPAs? I didn’t really like this one, but I soldiered through and finished it.