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Jinhao 80

I was reading about the Chinese Jinhao 80 fountain pen, and how it looks like a Lamy 2000 knockoff but only costs $6 ordered from AliExpress. So I ordered one (and a borderline janky bootleg Kaws companion, that I love despite the jank).

It might look like the 2000 while capped, but it doesn’t have the cool hooded nib nor is it a piston-filler. It’s still surprisingly smooth. I inked it up with the Pilot Kon-Peki. It’s a nice blue and decent contrast to the white pen. I don’t know that I’ll have a place for this pen in the regular rotation, but it’s neat to see one.

The internet seems split on it. The Jinhao design is obviously an homage (or a rip-off) of the 2000. The spring clip is neat, especially for a pen that’s so inexpensive

But because of the different fill mechanism and nib, it’s really just the look that is a copy. I’m okay with it.


Brunch recording

Scheduling adventures made it so Adam and I got to record, in-person, on Saturday morning. We enjoyed a brunch-adjacent cocktail with some cold brew, bourbon, maple syrup, and, um, some other stuff.

I could get used to this recording slot.

Three Dots and a Dash

We took a long weekend to visit our oldest on Chicago over the President’s Day weekend. One of the many highlights was a visit to Three Dots and A Dash, a speakeasy tiki bar off in the River North neighborhood.

We got there at the end of a long travel/sightseeing day, so the sugar and rum were the practically necessary to get us through the rest of the night. The Sippopotamus, featured above, was the standout of the night. Obviously.

How it looked⬆️

How it felt ⬆️

An Eagle Scout in the family

I’m proud of my nephew for the perseverance it took to achieve Eagle Scout.

(And this kicks off a bunch of catch-up posts from February. It’s been a bear.)

That’s a good one.

I don’t get much of the sky from the bedside window, but this little slice was photo-worthy this morning.

Happy Valentine’s

Bubbly and a heart-shaped pizza. Probably follow up with some tv.

It’s a good life.

It’s not much, but I’ll take it.

It’s not much, but I’ll put it in the book as our first snow of the winter.

I’m still holding out hope for a “real” one, since February is usually the month where we get them.

Pizza for the table and a Tecate bucket

A “pizza for the table” (copyright Supertrain LLC) was the best way to start a breezy lunch out at the Lilly Pad, a cool spot right on the James River.

Beer Dinner Outing

Michelle and I have been meeting friends out for monthly-ish beer pairing dinners at Garden Grove Brewing here in RVA.

They pair with local restaurants for a 5-6 course tasting menu. There have been hits and misses, but we love nearly everything we’ve had from Royal Pig.

I don’t know anything about Cambodian cuisine but this menu was a hit (except for the bitter melon!).