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Still watercoloring

Between an iOS update and a WordPress update, image upload’s been broken for me so I’m catching up on some backlog.

Last week’s class was spent “playing” in those ovoid shapes with some different techniques. I wasn’t especially happy with any of them. I’m still too green for going that far out with stuff, IMO.

I had some time at the end of class and made that landscape-ish corner. I used some of the lesson in there, which helped.

3 hours of class after a workday is a lot. I’m usually pretty beat by the time we’re done.

Watercolor week 1

I started a watercolor studio class last night. I have very little general art experience and zero painting experience, so this is all new to me.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I’m a life-long buyer of art supplies and now I’ve finally screwed up the courage to put media to paper. I’m sure it will be humbling.

Geez (and Teez) Up!

Gin and tonic is simple and delicious.

I really do, though.

I have a group chat with some friends where we share phone game scores and results. They’re technically Youngs, and they give me juuuuust the right amount of ribbing for my advanced age.

Rose and Ground?

Long-time readers may remember when I was an enthusiastic strength sport athlete. I’ve taken a turn to playing more tennis over the last 18 months and my time at the gym has been sporadic, at best.

Over the last month or so, I’ve started dabbling back with the Iron Arts, in an early a.m. window. I don’t love getting up early, but I really love lifting weights.

Busch Gardens

I am not in this photo, but I took it. There wasn’t any way in hell I was getting at all involved in this damn thing.

We had a park day through work and my youngest is in this photo. She’s nuts.

I did ride a couple of coasters. I hadn’t been on one in probably 15 years, but I was feeling spry and got bullied into it by my kid. It was a mistake.

I didn’t barf, but I was definitely wobbly after a couple of them. I am going back into Roller Coaster Retirement.

Budding Bonsai

I’m relieved to see some signs of life after chopping this azalea down a couple of weeks ago. I was worried I waited too long after the spring bloom and it wouldn’t react well in the heat of the summer.

This smells suspiciously like a lesson in patience. Hmmmm.

Tiny Guy

I’ve been meaning to use one of the million maple seeds that sprout in my yard every Spring as a bonsai starter, and this year I finally did it.

In classic Mike Mode, I planted it and then did some reading on the process. Turns out that the silver maple is a very challenging tree to bonsai, and it 100% shouldn’t be out in direct diligent all day, even in the mild Spring we’ve been having.

So tonight I’ll move the little fella into a shadier spot and then maybe find a thick-trunked azalea to hack down for bonsai-ing this weekend.

h/t to Mike Short for the bonsai scoop

Big Meat Pete came through

It’s been a tough season for the Mets, so far. Last night’s walk-off win over the best team in the league, after being behind three different times in the game, was a taste of the good things that could be around the corner.

The Mets still need better pitching, but it was nice to go to bed happy.

Headed back to Hyrule

It took me a year to get into Breath of the Wild after I bought it, but it eventually became an all-time fave game of mine.

I pre-ordered the sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, and started playing as soon as I got it last week. I’m about 12 hours in and it’s good so far.

I spent a couple of hours last week playing the old one to get a handle on the controls again, which was very smart. I’m a goddamn genius.