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Three Dots and a Dash

We took a long weekend to visit our oldest on Chicago over the President’s Day weekend. One of the many highlights was a visit to Three Dots and A Dash, a speakeasy tiki bar off in the River North neighborhood.

We got there at the end of a long travel/sightseeing day, so the sugar and rum were the practically necessary to get us through the rest of the night. The Sippopotamus, featured above, was the standout of the night. Obviously.

How it looked⬆️

How it felt ⬆️

Fun new watch band for a new job

I do enjoy a “new watch band” post, and Crown and Buckle always have something fun to swap into.

I Got A Guy

I’m a go-to-bed-early guy so I don’t get many runs with the broader Warzone group. I still get to have occasional fun in a Happy Hour capacity.

Adam cut together this fun one of a W we caught.

Phone wallpaper July 2022

No way I could let these crazy new NASA photos drop and not use one.

I love this stuff.

YK Summer Mix Anniversary

Pal of mine Michael Eades used to host an annual Summer Mix series. It was before everyone was on streaming sites, so you would have to patch together a zip file of mp3s, or stitch something together and host if yourself.

This week marks the 10th anniversary of my 2012 submission which is absolutely crazy to think about. It still bangs, in case you were wondering.

I cooked it up in Spotify but a couple of crucial tracks are missing. It is still a strong listen but isn’t the same.

Eleven City Bloody

Getting this Chicago trip started…wisely.

Baby’s First Dub

I’ve been swinging and missing on these SNKRS drops for a few months., so I decided to go in on anything that I might wear of flip.

Now that I’ve got these on the way, I don’t know if they’re a keep or not.

PS 5 Update

She’s filling in nicely.

Weekend Getaway

Stole away to Nelson County, Va. with some of the tennis guys this weekend. We had one back over the summer, too, and it’s starting to feel like it could be a quarterly thing. That’s about as much of it as I can take.

We stayed up on the mountain at Wintergreen, but lucked into nice weather and played some tennis in the valley. Otherwise, it was eating and drinking. It’s a lovely place this time of year.