Postseason tennis is back

We took one of the two spots to advance out of the USTA Sectionals this weekend. I was only available to play one of the matches, but we won our line and the team won handily. This is the same kind of thing we did a few years back when we went out to USTA Team Nationals (as 3.0 players, “the best of the worst”).

The weather had been dodgy all weekend so we played an adjusted format that greatly shortened the match, in an effort to get as much tennis in before the rain as we could. It wasn’t a crushing physical task, thank goodness, but it was still muggy enough to get up a good sweat.

We go again in three weeks. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Home crow!

This is the most bold of the crow gang at the house. This was after the morning batch of crackers and peanuts, so I think maybe they were hoping for one more shot before I left for work (they got another handful of peanuts).

There are a couple of bald crows in the gang now. The internet suggests that it is just normal molting, so maybe they’re juveniles?


Too hot to be fun

Another too-hot day with a USTA match. We didn’t get going until 2:30 and man, it was rough. It was the first time this summer I was paying attention to my heart rate in-match. It broke 160bpm a few times, which is where I start to reconsider my choices. Even with generous breaks for water and shade, things were dicy.

I played pretty well, which was no small feat given the temperature and crushing sun. My serve held most of the match and my ground strokes were consistent. That’s a few matches in a row they they’ve been decent. I *might* be getting better.

Those improvements were balanced out by a hysterical inability to hit a volley at the net. Like, it was bad-bad.

It was my first win at 3.5, too. Also, holy shit it was hot.

Office crows

These are the crows that have taken to the outdoor space (patio? veranda?) outside of my office window at work.

It looks like one adult and a couple of juveniles. I know this because I put some peanuts out the other morning and three of them absolutely harangued the other one to be fed. It was pretty funny.

I don’t have any good photos of the crows from home yet. They’re still skittish when I’m outside. I can get close with the office crows because they can’t see me through the windows.

New Holedown best

There can’t be many of us still playing this game, but I housed a new high (low?) score last night.

Holedown is still my go-to “don’t wanna scroll but wanna use my phone” game. I don’t see it getting dethroned until Balatro comes to iOS, and when that happens we can kiss my carpal tunnels goodbye.

Strong Sunday Candidate

Sunday started with a customary coffee with the gang. I like to keep it iced in the summer. It gets hot here.

Morning tennis was in the 3.0 league and we won our match 6-1, 6-4. The team won on a deep tiebreaker, keeping some postseason hopes alive. It’s been a rocky one for us. Afterwards, I had a small meal, a shower, and a nap, all in preparation for evening tennis. Unlike my misadventures on the 4th of July, there was room in the day for a recovery plan.

Unfortunately, I didn’t play as well in the 3.5 evening match and we lost 6-3, 6-4. I’m still new at the higher level, so I’m okay with the loss/lesson. Our opponents were decent dudes, so it softens the blow a little. A couple of post-match cold ones (not pictured) completed the picture for a top-5 Sunday in July.

Yardwork’s done.

I want an apartment in the arctic.

This was too much tennis

I double-dipped on the courts this 4th of July and I might not be recovered yet. The 9am start for a doubles match was reasonably smart given the weather forecast of mid-90’s and bright sun. It was competitive and by the end it got hot.

Right after we wrapped, I joined the 4th of July round robin tournament that our club was putting on. This was a mistake. It got even hotter and I was slowly frying in the sun (don’t mention this to my dermatologist). Any sunscreen I applied was sweating off almost immediately. I was wrecked by the end.

I tried to soak it out in the pool afterward but I ended up spending two hours fighting off cramps in my legs and lats. I’ll give this story the Lesson Learned stamp, and hope the wisdom of my advanced age lets it stick.

Halfway to the goal

As I’ve mentioned, I’m moving into the old-guy sports of golf and tennis. I harbor aspirations of getting back to the gym, but it will likely be in a maintenance rather than competitive vein. Tennis is good for me because it’s a decent runaround in a tight 90-120 minutes. Golf is much more of an investment, in $$ and in time. Because they’re both sports you can play when you’re old, though, I’m cool with the spend.

I played for the third time this year and, I have to say, it was a lot of fun and I was better than I expected. I still scored for shit, but I was hitting the ball well. If I had gotten there early enough to get some time on the putting green I could have save myself a bunch of strokes. A bunch, in this scenario, is 4-5. It was an after-work round on a hot afternoon and my watch suggests it was definitely exercise.

If I can get 6 rounds in this year I’ll seriously consider upgrading my irons, which were 12 years old when I bought them 21 years ago. My golf friends tell me that the technology in modern clubs makes the game so much more accommodating for the enthusiast (“bad”) player that I’m cheating myself by not making the move. It’s just too expensive right now for something I might do 6 times this year. I’ll surely be shopping used, in the hope that mid-2010’s golf tech was good enough to keep me in the fairway in 2025.

Also, the golf club parking lot has some treasures.


Twenty one years ago I got a wild hair and spent a steamy holiday Friday afternoon installing Movable Type.

I can’t tell you how long it took me to find and resize that image of a glass of milk.

It was revelatory, following some printed instructions to install some code on a server which would enable me to be just like Kottke. I read more than a handful of blogs back then, but he was the inspiration. The archetype of what blogs were.

I harbored hopes that I might get some traction as a poor-man’s kottke (or a “we have kottke at home” in modern parlance), but that didn’t pan out. I lacked the drive to post with the necessary consistancy (obvs.).

That said, I am glad to have had this blog as a place to occasionally burp a thought or photo into the world.