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Home crow!

This is the most bold of the crow gang at the house. This was after the morning batch of crackers and peanuts, so I think maybe they were hoping for one more shot before I left for work (they got another handful of peanuts).

There are a couple of bald crows in the gang now. The internet suggests that it is just normal molting, so maybe they’re juveniles?


The Last Lunch Bag

Sometime in the early 2010’s, my kids were getting ready to start summer day camp and they’d need to pack a lunch every day.

Rather than getting lunchboxes that would either get lost or impossibly dirty at camp, my wife bought a box of brown paper lunch bags. Classics.

There were 500 of them. Now, after a dozen years, this is the last of them, dutifully carrying my sandwich and apple for lunch today.

No dipped flakes, plz.

I don’t mind getting experimental with food, you win some and you lose some.

This chocolate-dipped flakes version of Special K goes firmly in the L column. No bueno.

I’m going back to the straight Red Berries next time.

Strawberry Cheesecake Special K

Adam and I have been having some fun cereal-based conversations on the podcast and I was excited to try out this Strawberry Cheesecake Special K, since it seemed like an outlier to the generally “healthy” image the Special K branding goes for.

Turns out, it’s boring as hell. And it makes the milk a gross pink.

Do not recommend.

Super Bowl cocktail selection

My sister was over for the game and she brought some Taylor Swift-inspred, Blake Lively-promoted cocktail recipes.

First was this Aperol, simple syrup, orange juice, tonic water adventure called “Better Than Revenger (49ers Version)”. I’m assuming the names are based on T Swift songs, but I’m tragically ignorant in that category. The drink was fine. Too sweet for me, and I don’t know that Aperol is enough to base a cocktail on. I think this one was constructed to easily be alcohol-free.

The next one was this tequila, pineapple juice, and Meyer lemon club soda mix-up called “Gold Rush Spritz”. I made them with 130% of the tequila called for and it was delicious. There wasn’t much pineapple juice, so it didn’t get too sweet, and the flavored club soda was a nice touch. There were a couple of rounds of this one. We liked it a lot.

And it wouldn’t be a cocktail post with a good ol’ Negroni to pull the anchor leg. I’ve been using the Dolin rouge vermouth and it’s been a nice switch up from the normal recipe.

The game was also exciting, eventually.

A two-scoop miracle!

A fresh tub of protein with two scoops that are both at the top?!?

Truly a Meathead Miracle.

Morning Tomatoes

This cherry tomato plant has been super-productive.

Pink Jimmy

The Pink Jimmy is a vodka/cranberry/lime, and a refreshing cocktail to record a podcast by.

Rowland Negroni

Celebrated our wedding anniversary with a lively meal and this twist on a Negroni, made with dry vermouth.