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Brunch recording

Scheduling adventures made it so Adam and I got to record, in-person, on Saturday morning. We enjoyed a brunch-adjacent cocktail with some cold brew, bourbon, maple syrup, and, um, some other stuff.

I could get used to this recording slot.

SaMcast 194

I wasn't allowed to tell my W. C. Fields joke, but we found a way to get through it anyway.


  • Adam – water
  • Mike – Gin and Tonic

###Followup and Footnotes

George Jones- “Take Me” from “A Poem is a Naked Person”

I’ve gotten back into Cocaine and Rhinestones and this song popped up:

I haven’t been a huge George Jones fan, but this song hits me just right.

SaMcast 181 – Mr. Boneman

We’re still at it and having a good time talking about, as we say, Things We Like.

(11:30) Plosivs – s/t
(16:04) Elden Ring
(25:36) The Gilded Age (HBO)
(31:09) Bust Down (Peacock)

Adam – Short Throw Brewing- Who Got Da Props?
Mike – Negroni with Hendricks Gin and Dolin Blanc Vermouth

Followup and Footnotes
Music Break: Raheim Supreme and Ohbliv
Call of Duty: Rebirth Island
The Prepared – Tool Guide

Safe As Milk 2021 Playlist

Adam and I talk a lot of music on the podcast. This is a Spotify playlist of songs we loved last year. We didn’t talk about all of them on the show, and they’re not all from 2021, but we each picked 10 to make a fun and eclectic mix.

SaMcast 175, Our 2021 Faves

We look back on our fave picks from 2021. There was some good stuff in there! Thanks for listening.

(06:38) ambient country music ep. 163
(07:27) Inscryption ep. 171
(09:45) Wet Leg ep. 170
(11:01) Call Me If You Get Lost – Tyler the Creator ep. 163
(12:22) The Rook ep. 167
(13:49) How the Word Is Passed ep. 169
(14:56) Hacks ep. 160
(16:43) The Blacktongue Thief ep.170
(19:17) In and of Itself ep. 152
(21:16) Jenkins & Jonez ep. 161

Adam – Whistle Pig Small Batch Rye
Mike – A Negroni, of course.

Big recording beer

Barrel-aged Moose Boots from Prairie Artisan Ales for the recording last night.

At over 13% it was not the sort of thing to take lightly. It was a tasty one.

SaMcast 168: Young Suckers

They made a 30 for 30 just for Me and Adam actually “read” a book, with paper and everything.

(11:36) They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us
(18:41) Once upon A Time in Queens (ESPN)
(30:16) LuLaRich (Amazon Prime)
(37:25) Only Murders in the Building (Hulu)

Adam – Equilibrium Brewery 400x
Mike – The Princeton

Followup and Footnotes
Music Break: Duke Deuce – “WTF!”
Brooklyn 99
The Courier

Enjoyed a Princeton for recording this week.

It’s still fun to cook up a new-to-me cocktail for podcast recording but I struggle sometimes with inspiration. Googling for cocktails kind of sucks.

That the is The Princeton, according to this great 1971 4th edition of Playboy’s Host and Bar Book. I wouldn’t have considered adding lime juice to a dry martini, but the result isn’t bad at all.

There are a jillion recipes in this book, but also a lot of old-school party hosting rules and advice. Like, it goes into the right kind of ice and explores a wide range of glassware options. Sadly, despite being a Playboy publication, no nudes.

Safe As Milk Podcast #167 – Relax your Brain

These are still a lot of fun so we’re still at it.

I read a book! Adam has some YouTube inspiration! And we both have new tunes to recommend! Enjoy!

(12:31) The Rook by by Daniel O’Malley
(16:48) “Pray for Haiti” by Mach-Hommy
(23:15) “The Ballad of Dood & Juanita” by Sturgil Simpson
(32:28) Modeling/Diorama Youtube Boylei Hobby Time || Plasmo || Luke Towan || Studson Studio

Adam – Gin (Beef Eater) + Tonic (Fever Tree)
Mike – Negroooooooni with Few Barrel Gin

Followup and Footnotes!
Music Break: Kelly Lee Owens – “Melt!”
Nacho Helmet
Safe As Milk Tunes on Spotify
Recursion (ep. 159)
CW Pencil Enterprise (ep. 122) closing up shop
Nobody (2021)
The Adventure Zone – Ethersea
Subnautica Below Zero (ep. 101)