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I really do, though.

I have a group chat with some friends where we share phone game scores and results. They’re technically Youngs, and they give me juuuuust the right amount of ribbing for my advanced age.

Headed back to Hyrule

It took me a year to get into Breath of the Wild after I bought it, but it eventually became an all-time fave game of mine.

I pre-ordered the sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, and started playing as soon as I got it last week. I’m about 12 hours in and it’s good so far.

I spent a couple of hours last week playing the old one to get a handle on the controls again, which was very smart. I’m a goddamn genius.

Bummed to say goodbye to Twitter

I joined twitter in May of 2007. I was in a fun internet beard-growing community at the time, and Twitter was a cool and new tool to help me keep up with my online friends.

I was a staunch “only follow people I know” advocate for a while, but I eventually cracked to follow accounts for sports and sports teams that I follow. My follow list grew from there to include internet people whose work I enjoyed, as well as an occasional author or artist. These days I really enjoy the baseball stats bots and the sneaker drop notices.

I never got into the politics pool, and I think that’s what kept me a happy user for so many years. I didn’t have any interest in the shared outrage community that blew up there.

Twitter was never a perfect place, but I worked hard to keep my corner of it small-stakes and pleasant. I had a nice setup of third-party apps that I had tuned to make Twitter a pleasant experience.

Obviously, that all got fucked up when Musk bought the damn thing and started tearing it down in the name of…what, free speech? The dude is a rich clown and he ruined it. I haven’t deleted my account, but Twitter is off my phone for the first time in a loooong time.

I’m not so old that I can’t find a new way to follow my friends online, but I haven’t made the Mastodon move and I’m not sure I will. I’ve never given up on blogging (despite the occasional time away) and I’ve been glad to see some friends hopping on that train (Adam, Mike, Daniel).

Look at that big beautiful face. That’s my original profile photo, too. There used to be a lot of pepper in this beard.


I know, I know, you can’t beat the bots. I was “in line”, as they say, no later than 10:00:20am for the 10:00:00 drop.

And I don’t even love the brown ones. I just want to see how the fit is on these things without paying 2x retail for a pair.

It didn’t happen today, but I’m going to get these fucking things at retail.

I wonder if this update fixed it?

Here are some words. I’ll also add a photo.

Who knows, man.

Let’s try posting from my phone using Ulysses.

The photos this didn’t work well from the desktop, since it was drawing from the Photos app.

Maybe from here it will pull from my phone’s photos?

Old Timey blogging is a hassle

I think I fixed it.

It’s been a crummy run because the WordPress app is a piece of shit and I’m not super-interested in figuring out the details of what is wrong.


I can’t use the iOS app to publish, for some god-forsaken reason, so I’ve got a workaround where I can get posts up via Ulysses.
Which is fine.
But I want to be able to just jam photos up here, too, instead of sending things to Instagram.
I don’t want to pay a monthly blogging bill, I just want to pay for my hosting like I have for 20-some years.

Safe As Milk Podcast #167 – Relax your Brain

These are still a lot of fun so we’re still at it.

I read a book! Adam has some YouTube inspiration! And we both have new tunes to recommend! Enjoy!

(12:31) The Rook by by Daniel O’Malley
(16:48) “Pray for Haiti” by Mach-Hommy
(23:15) “The Ballad of Dood & Juanita” by Sturgil Simpson
(32:28) Modeling/Diorama Youtube Boylei Hobby Time || Plasmo || Luke Towan || Studson Studio

Adam – Gin (Beef Eater) + Tonic (Fever Tree)
Mike – Negroooooooni with Few Barrel Gin

Followup and Footnotes!
Music Break: Kelly Lee Owens – “Melt!”
Nacho Helmet
Safe As Milk Tunes on Spotify
Recursion (ep. 159)
CW Pencil Enterprise (ep. 122) closing up shop
Nobody (2021)
The Adventure Zone – Ethersea
Subnautica Below Zero (ep. 101)

Back in the CoD saddle with the gang

I got a PS5 over the weekend. This is my first “real” console since the Xbox 360, waaaaay back when. Like, so long ago that it is probably in the MovableType era of

My pals have been current with the systems and they were kind enough to drag me along with them through some Call of Duty Warzone last night. It was a fun time and, despite what this video might suggest, it wasn’t all spent trying to get my audio working.

So now I’m downloading and installing a version of the game that will let me get some multiplayer reps so I’m not a complete anchor when we’re Warzoning.

Video games are fun.