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Late, late lunch.

A Foam Brewers IPA at Mekong is juuuuuust right.

Veil x2

Lovely night for a couple of Veil IPAs.

Clever Girl from Triple Crossing brewery

I don’t get to breweries much anymore. The pandemic has squashed a lot of my get-around-town time. I was happy to be able to grab a 4-pack of Clever Girl. It’s still one of my favorite IPAs and one of the best beers in Richmond.

White Van Vibez from Short Throw Brewing

Smooth DIPA from Short Thrown Brewing. Coming in at a hearty, but not punishing, 8.4% ABV so you can have a couple and lose touch.

Had a couple of tasty Dutchess Ales

G.B. (formerly known as Ghost Beer) is a hazy, unfiltered pale ale that runs just under 5% ABV. Sometimes when they’re that light they taste thin. This one does not.

Vale is another pale ale at 5% ABV. I like this one even more than G. B., which I thought was delicious. Still a little hazy but none of the unfiltered debris at the bottom of the glass when you’re done.

I’m not sure when the Dutchess Ales hit our market but they’ve been plentiful and tasty.

Big recording beer

Barrel-aged Moose Boots from Prairie Artisan Ales for the recording last night.

At over 13% it was not the sort of thing to take lightly. It was a tasty one.

Prayer For Judgement by Commonwealth Brewing

It’s not as pine-y as I like my West Coast IPAs but an easy supper nonetheless.

Weekend Getaway

Stole away to Nelson County, Va. with some of the tennis guys this weekend. We had one back over the summer, too, and it’s starting to feel like it could be a quarterly thing. That’s about as much of it as I can take.

We stayed up on the mountain at Wintergreen, but lucked into nice weather and played some tennis in the valley. Otherwise, it was eating and drinking. It’s a lovely place this time of year.