new Graveyard today!

Graveyard broke up for a minute, but they’re back again with Peace. I’ve gotten through it a few times this morning and it’s exactly what I’m looking for in a Graveyard album. The opener is hot shreds and there is plenty of the more bluesy sound they developed over the last couple of albums.

Bartolo Colon is 45

I’m embarrassed to admit that I missed Bartolo’s birthday yesterday. I’m such a fake fan.

He’s a good sport

Hot Snakes on Carson Daly

Hot Snakes made their television debut last night, live from The Troubadour. It rips, obvs.

Liverpool’s Long Road to the Champions League Final

This is a good read at The Ringer about Liverpool’s history (it’s not all great) and their resurgence this season under Jürgen Klopp (which has been mostly great).

I’m still a relatively new fan to English soccer in general but I am increasingly confident that I made the right arbitrary choice when I decided to root for LFC.

Funk Rock Rides Again

Funk Rock Rides Again is a Spotify playlist posted by The Numero Group. Lots of solid 70’s rock songs with funky grooves.

Can’t be mad at that.

Salah & Lovren: Coffee Mates

This is adorable. Mo Salah and Dejan Lovren appear to have become pals over the course ofSalah’s 1st season with Liverpool. I def. Recommend watching with the closed-captioning on. Their English is good but the accents are thick.

Huge match this weekend. Really looking forward to it.

Back Alley Bookends

via Spoon and Tamago, these appeal to my appreciation of the miniaturized mundane.

via twitter user @monde

The clever idea is the brainchild of a Japanese designer who goes by the name monde. Based in Tokyo, monde creates objects inspired by the city but also animals and insects. The back alley bookends come in a pair and can be used together to replicate a small back alley, or they can be used individually, exposing the intricate stepping stones, A/C units, piping, plants and other details that have been carefully recreated by hand.

Aretha Franklin – “Something He Can Feel”

I’ve been on a tremendous Aretha Franklin kick lately. Her work in the late 60’s through the early 70’s is my favorite in her catalog. Here’s a good one to start your Monday.

Curtis Mayfield-penned hit from the 1976 movie soundtrack “Sparkle” (starring a pre-Miami Vice Philip Michael Thomas and Irene Cara). Aretha doesn’t sing it in the movie, but she does on the soundtrack. It’s a killer slow-burn.

I only ever knew about the En Vogue version from 1992, with the video drawn right from the film. It’s also great:

I feel obligated to share the Sparkletrailer here. It’s narrated by Casey Kasem, for one, and it is evidence that movie trailers have always given away the whole plot.

And then they re-made the movie in 2012 with Jordan Sparks and Whitney Houston?!? Crazy.

Lifting Diary!

I’ve made the tour through some strength sports at my gym. The last couple of posts about lifting have been from Weightlifting meets. I had been powerlifting for a while and I was looking for a change. It was fun, but now I’m ready to get strong again via Powerlifting.

That video is me trying to re-learn how to deadlift. When I first started lifting, the deadlift was the last of one I got good at. I’ve lost a lot more than I expected. I also know that I can get back there again and this slow (but steady) build is the way to go.

I should also engage salads more regularly. Sheesh….

Bartolo Colon update

This definitely caused some softball flashbacks.

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