Recording Squad

I enjoyed a fun variation on a gin and tonic (that I cribbed from my buddy Lange) for recording the other night. The Hendrick’s gin leans more toward the flowery end of the gin scale, with its rose and cucumber flavors. The Aperitivo Rosato boosts the flower content with hibiscus and orange blossom. You only want to use a splash of it, though. Any more than that and it will seem like you’re drinking a bouquet.

A strong tonic and healthy squeeze of lime balance the whole glass nicely. It’s a refreshing variation on a classic. I like it.

Making lemonade

Stuck in the Phoenix airport long enough to miss all of my connecting flights home, but I’ll land in Charlotte too late to do anything.

Not that I need a reason to have a cold one and a sandwich, but this’ll do.

Jerome, AZ

Tennis weekend wrapped up with a drive out into the Arizona desert.

Jerome is an old copper mining town that exists now as mostly a tourist stop along a twisty mountain road through the red rocks. Neat little place.