Whole 30 is finished

Well, that wasn’t so bad. The last 15 days of my Whole 30 weren’t so different from the first 15 and they even got good toward the end. I started to feel good again energy-wise and had settled into a solid meal routine: juice and egg for breakfast proved to be more then enough to get me to my lunch of grilled chicken over greens without cheese or dressing. Dinner was more grilled protein with some veggies. Standard “healthy eating”.

My goals getting into this thing were to lose some weight, course correct my eating habits back to something healthy, and dial back my drinks. I met them all and I’m cool with the results. I think a 2-week “Whole 14” is something I’m going to use as a way of getting back on track when I stray from health in the future. A strict plan will be a useful tool after the excesses of a vacation or holiday meal season.

2 thoughts on “Whole 30 is finished

  1. christina says:

    just curious–how many pounds did you manage to lose during your whole30? Congrats on completing it!

    • michael says:

      Thanks! I lost 18 pounds and all in the first 20 days. The last 10 were all within the same 1.5 pounds.

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