Thee Oh Sees at The Broadberry, 10/21/2018

Thee Oh Sees are an L.A.-based band led by vocalist and guitarist John Dwyer. I’d heard that the live show was amazing and my high expectations were exceeded. It was crazy. The double drum kits at the front of the stage made a great racket and whipped the sold-out crowd into a frenzy. The Broadberry is a long, narrow club and the front third of it was in constant motion through the whole set. When the band launched into some of their more shred-worth songs that front third turned into stage-dive landing area. I know that kind of thing still happens but it’s been a long while since I saw it live at a show.

This video gives you a good feel for how the drummers work. It’s great:

If Thee Oh Sees come to your town you should make time to go see them.