Speaking of podcasts

I thought this was a very interesting episode of Startup, Gimlet media’s pilot podcast. The people steering that ship are all ex-NPR folks so they come from a place over super-produced shows. It makes a difference. The hard work they put in makes for an exceedingly listenable experience.

I took that episode to heart when I sat down to edit the most recent episode of Safe As Milk. I tried to streamline the talky parts and got extra-fiddly with the music breaks. I think it sounds really good. It would have been even better if I had uploaded the correct episode on the first try. It was a special kind of panic when I was driving and popped the new episode on over the stereo…and heard the beginning of the raw audio file I worked from.

Over two hours of work tinkering with edits and I drop the ball by uploading the wrong damn file. [barf emoji]