San Diego night one

This was my first time going to after-show parties at ComiCon. We started the night at the CBLDF party with some guys from J!nx at a rooftop party a couple of blocks from the convention center. I had trouble computing the fact that I was standing outside in July and there were patio heaters running *and* they were necessary. It’s a classic tourist move to be amazed by weather but I couldn’t get over the fact that it was chilly outside in July.
From there we went to the Munky King party at a bar that was a dozen blocks away. We needed the healthy walk before piling in more of the drinks. We missed the live drawing art show from some of the graffiti artists but the finished pieces were cool. The crowd had thinned out (we heard later that there was an hour wait to get in at one point, glad we missed that) but it was still a decent crowd while we were there until last call. There was one Wonder Woman who kept her costume on into the night. She was identified as a disaster well before she hopped up on top of the pool table to dance.

Luckily for me California closes their bars so we had to split around 2am. I haven’t been a night owl in a long time so I was pretty well cooked by then. It was a theme I’d follow through on all weekend.