Revisiting My 13 for 13: Ties?

I hate to call these last couple of Things from my 13 In 13 “ties”. “The jury is still out” is probably more appropriate but would make for a horrendous permalink url.

  • Gundam building – I definitely got started on one of the higher-grade dudes and I was making solid progress. I have a nice little setup in my work room where I can listen to music or podcasts, sip a beer, and tinker/paint/goof off. And then the weather got nice and the last thing I was interested in was sitting inside and trying to decipher Japanese pictograms. Model-building will prove to be a cold-weather activity for me. If I had been thinking this would have gone under the Wins next to Gardening as a half-point. I’ll get back to it once I get through this half-marathon.
  • Meditation – This one will get its own post. I’m a big fan and I want to have room to say more than just in an update blurb.
  • And that is where I stand 3/4 of the way through 2013 on my list of 13 Things I wanted to do. I feel like a champion, actually posting one of the intended-to-be-quarterly updates on that list. I’ll revisit all of these at the end of the year, potentially.