Revisiting My 13 for 13: Losses

I’ve certainly been guilty of having eyes bigger than my stomach and my aggressive List of Things for this year proved that out again. I can’t do it all and that’s okay. I’m calling this the Loss list.


  • MTB – This one makes sense when I see how much less bike riding I’ve been doing overall. MTB was never a big thing for me anyway and with my commitment to running (and running and running) I just haven’t made the time for much bikes this year.
  • Hiking – This hasn’t come together at all this year. I’ve been taking the kids on the odd run every now and then this summer and it’s been fun. Even though hiking is just walking in the woods (the way we planned to do it) it was never something that we all wanted to do together at the same time so it didn’t happen.
  • Weight Lifting – This one goes in the same pile as the other two. In order to get through the run events I’ve scheduled I have to get training runs in during the week. I’m only willing to commit to so much fitness time and things like weightlifting get bumped. I underestimated how much total time my running when I made this List. I’m stoked to run but it doesn’t leave me much time for other fitness opportunities.
  • Woodworking – I wish I could use running as the excuse (reason!) for not doing more of this one. I took that great frame building class and then didn’t spend the time working on it to get any better. It’s a classic move. Luckily, the tools and the wood stock aren’t going anywhere so I’ll have ample opportunity to get another crack at it.
  • Smoking Meats – I haven’t bought a smoker yet. I’m still planning to do it but it’s way, way off of my radar. It’s more likely that I’m going to start brewing beer again (which I’ve done in the past and had some success with) than try to tinker with smoking.
  • Windows 7 Certification – Work stuff has changed for me since I drew up this list. I still work in the same place but my role is evolving into something new for the first time in almost 20 years. I’m excited. I don’t know that a Windows Cert. is what I need right now but I’m looking for something to work on.
  • Those are the things on the list that I didn’t get to (and likely won’t). I’ll follow up with the third list soon.

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    1. Samichez says:

      Your tally is way more in the black than mine. I’m sitting at 4 of 13.

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