Jinhao 80

I was reading about the Chinese Jinhao 80 fountain pen, and how it looks like a Lamy 2000 knockoff but only costs $6 ordered from AliExpress. So I ordered one (and a borderline janky bootleg Kaws companion, that I love despite the jank).

It might look like the 2000 while capped, but it doesn’t have the cool hooded nib nor is it a piston-filler. It’s still surprisingly smooth. I inked it up with the Pilot Kon-Peki. It’s a nice blue and decent contrast to the white pen. I don’t know that I’ll have a place for this pen in the regular rotation, but it’s neat to see one.

The internet seems split on it. The Jinhao design is obviously an homage (or a rip-off) of the 2000. The spring clip is neat, especially for a pen that’s so inexpensive

But because of the different fill mechanism and nib, it’s really just the look that is a copy. I’m okay with it.