I’m like a surgeon.

Not in a Weird Al way but in a “can make computer hardware repairs” way. I finally got and installed the replacement display I mentioned here. Like I said there, as long as the manual is clear I don’t feel like I can get too lost. This laptop is super-small but and there isn’t much clearance for cables but it’s all so cleverly engineered that it is tough to get confused. All of the cables end where they plug in. It’s neat.

And now I have a Windows machine that’s current-gen for work purposes of testing connections and things in Windows as well as the experience of cracking open a laptop and replacing pieces. Good times.

Funny story, I’m typing this up on the repaired laptop and I keep noticing a weird creak in one of the corners. Like the keyboard of top cover didn’t re-seat properly. It’s only then that it occurs to me that I might not have replaced all of the case screws. It is probably fair to say that I’m not *exactly* like a surgeon.