Happy 2014!

My 2013 was a-okay and I hope  yours was, too.

I’m planning to make this old spot a one-stop shop for all of my internetting. I’ll still have things I post to Twitter and Facebook and Instagram but I’m going to be sure it all gets dropped here, too. The idea of “recapturing my own content” has been going around the internet lately and since I’ve got the space (and the occasional thing to say) I plan to take a crack at it.

I’m not going to make a Big 14 list like the 13 I did last year. One of the important lessons of 2013 was to spend more time doing stuff and less time talking about what I wanted to do. It turned out that I didn’t get nearly as much done last year as I planned and it was still a great year. I could look at getting 6 of the 13 things done as a failure (as it would be by any reasonable grading scale) but I got so much out of the 6 that’s in an easy passing grade.

I definitely have things I want to work on this year and I’ve already started some groundwork on them. I plan to post here when I have something to talk about.

I’ll see you then.