End of summer Whole 10

When I finished my Whole 30 this spring I guessed that a two-week return to the strict eating would be a good way to get back on track after a vacation or holiday. I scheduled a Whole 15 for after Labor Day weekend this year since I’d gotten so deep into beers and sandwiches (and pizza and donuts and beer and chips) as the summer went on. Turns out that 10 days was plenty to get the results I was looking for. I lost a bag of weight and shook the sugar-based crash cycles I was into. The Whole life isn’t something that I can reasonably expect to do for long mostly because I don’t want to. It’s too strict and it is too much of a household hassle. I love it as an occasional way to dry out and that is how I’m going to keep using it.

I am glad that I have a Whole 30 to look at as an example of where I am in the dry-out process. It was that history I used to decide that 15 wasn’t going to do more than 10.