Ellis Marsalis with Jae Sinnett and Terry Burrell at The Tin Pan

I’ve seen Branford once and Wynton a couple of times, but this was my first time seeing The Patriarch, Ellis Marsalis, perform live. The show was great. Jae Sinnet was technically the bandleader, it’s his trio, but he was appropriately deferential to Ellis.
The Tin Pan is an odd little venue tucked at the end of a strip mall out in Henrico County. Odd because of where it is, not because of what it is. I think it’s great that there is an “adult-contemporary” venue here in town, even if most of the shows on their calendar don’t appeal to me.
The trio was really solid. Ellis, obviously is a great pianist. Sinnett, a new name to me but someone who has played with Marsalis since the 80’s, was so damn cool on the drum kit. And the upright bass played by Terry Burrell was a tight bind between the two older players.
Sinnett said he’d be back with his trio (and regular pianist) this December for a run of Christmas shows. I might(?) be able to swing a family outing for that?