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Trooper Lotus


There has been a glut of Stormtrooper-headed vinyls lately and some don’t look so good. I think this one works because the rest of the sculpt is so good. You can’t just stick a cool head on a lump and call it cool. You just can’t.

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Cold Cast Metal from Doktor A


Oh, boy. This Doktor A stuff has been in my head to get for a while but I’ve held off from a “wanting it is better than having it” point of view. These cold cast metal pieces are enough to make me reconsider. The form is much better suited to hanging on the wall and the smaller version would be most welcome on my own Little Art Wall (which has grown nicely since that photo so I’ll need to update that, too).

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Cadbury Creme Egg custom Dunnys

These are the best custom dunnys I’ve seen in a while.


[via SpankyStokes, a new to me and awesome source for toy news]

3A x Marvel

This is something I will keep an eye on.

They don’t have any preview images or anything, but “classic Marvel characters re-imagined by artist Ashley Wood in the ThreeA style” leads me to think that it will be cool. My initial thought was hoping that they would make a Colossus but I don’t think I would like a “3A treatment” on him. The rust and wear that the 3A robots and figures are known for are not what I’d want to see. If nothing else, the sculpts and articulation will be Top Class because 3A is fantastic for that stuff.

Kaws’ Resting Companion (Grey version)

The grey version of Kaws’ Resting Companion is going up today at noon. I’d love to have one but its’ going to be a fiasco trying to get in there and at $275 $315 it’s outside of the toy budget right now.


Banksy DIY vinyl

I like sculpts on these. They’ll make a nice canvas for the people that do the vinyl painting.

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Drew Millward vinyl

I’ve enjoyed Drew Millward’s poster work for a long time. His Time and Tide print is a fave and I even snagged the original art for this Decemberists poster. I wouldn’t have guessed his style would translate this well to vinyl.


Major Lazer by Kidrobot


This is the kind of confluence of interests that I especially enjoy.


Kaws Companion ‘Resting Place’

It sold out pretty quickly. was getting clobbered the whole time I was in there. At $315 there wasn’t any way I was going to be able to get one, but it was fun to monkey around with a big time drop.

I’m a big, dumb nerd for Kaws. Not so much his Spongebob stuff, but his Companions and his Chums hit me the right way.