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SaM Chute

I’m still smitten with this parachute thing so I used the exported .png to make this sweet wallpaper.

SaMcast 154

The cold open here is really a triumph and a testament to the friendship I share with Adam.

(13:06) Valheim
(21:33) Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet(Apple TV 2020)
(28:30) Mark Rober
(36:55) The Flight Attendant (HBO Max 2020)

Mike – Negroni with Del Profesore vermouth
Adam – Marlowe Artisanl Ales – Blackout Jinx

Followup and Footnotes
Music Break: No.Stress “Prelude No.1”
Fight Club
Coming 2 America
The Goonies

Encode Mighty Things

Like lots of people, I’ve been geeking on the NASA Perseverance mission. Like, bought the tee shirt and shed a tear at touchdown, geeking.

One of the many cool things from the landing was the parachute that lowered the lander and the coded message it contained.

This site lets you make your own message in the parachute, so you know I had to get one for the blog and podcast.

That’s even got the coordinates of our humble corner of Virginia.

Safe As Milk Podcast 153

After an extended break thanks to Mike catching COVID (nice work, duumy), we're back at it again. There is a lot of followup.


###Followup and Footnotes

SaMcast 151 “The Money Fire”

Streaming old TV, more improv podcasts, we go long on home automation and organization:


###Followup and Footnotes

SaMcast Episode 150

We just keep making them. I really like hanging out with Adam and using bad words to talk about things we like.

Here's a lookback at our fave picks from 2020. Happy New Year!


###Followup and Footnotes

Recording cocktail 12/14/2020

A delicious, standard-issue Negroni for last night’s recording.

The glass was a mustard jar.

Delicious *and* photogenic

A ran a Pepsi Challenge on a couple of Manhattans for our podcast recording last night.

Knob Creek is in the foreground and Jim Beam Black is in the background. I liked the Jim Beam better, which surprised me, because I prefer the Knob Creek (of these two) for straight sipping.

Dune Buggy

There used to be a lot of these around when I was a kid.

This looks just like Speed Buggy.