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I have been on these early gym mornings for a couple of weeks now. They’re getting easier to start, which is nice.

I get pretty sleepy around 10am, though. And also around 2pm.

And then again around 9pm.

A two-scoop miracle!

A fresh tub of protein with two scoops that are both at the top?!?

Truly a Meathead Miracle.

Twilight canal cruise

We lucked into the best weather night of the week for a canal cruise to celebrate my sister’s birthday.

It’s a neat view of the city

Had some homework.

For watercolor class I had to go sit in front of some art and spend a few minutes jotting down my thoughts.

We’ve got a great museum here in RVA so I was happy to take an hour at the end of my workday to do the assignment.

ODU dance

Got lucky with a break in the weather and were able to take in a dance number our youngest was in.

It rained so hard all day and then, about an hour before their show time, it stopped.

This was part of the ODU Public Arts Festival, in conjunction with the Barry Art Museum. The theme was Fantastic Planet, which is what that glowing form is on top of the parking deck.

Morning walk.

I think that’s Venus up and to the right of the moon.

Rowtober is on

First regatta of the season is the Head of the Ohio in Pittsburgh, Pa.

It’s also the first regatta I’ve been to, and it’s been fun to see my kid out there doing it.

It’s a terrible spectator sport, btw.

Slight course change for last night

Enjoyed a simple (yet delicious) Cirrus vodka and Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic for last night’s recording session.

It’s a staple of summer and party season.

Watercolor week 1

I started a watercolor studio class last night. I have very little general art experience and zero painting experience, so this is all new to me.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I’m a life-long buyer of art supplies and now I’ve finally screwed up the courage to put media to paper. I’m sure it will be humbling.