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Another Gamestop chart

This is one of the crazier things I’ve seen in my 20+ years in the business.

Finished Breath of the Wild

I *never* get to the credits of video games. Ever. I am very comfortable letting them go if I get to a spot that’s just too hard, but when this one made my head hurt I just looked up the answer and kept moving forward. I loved it.

Three years I let this thing just sit, unplayed. Three years! I’m glad I picked it up again.

Got to the end of Desert Golfing again.

It’s capped at 10,000 holes nowadays.

I’m a little sad because this has been my “mental check out” activity for a while now and I don’t have a replacement.

It’s been a quick 18k

There is still something soothing to me about this game. It like a zen comfort food.

Sans Forgetica

I do enjoy a fun font.

Pocket Run (iOS game)

Pocket Run is a new arcade-style billiards game for iOS. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it the last week or two. Zach Gage is the developer behind Type Shift, a game I played to pieces last year.

I really like the rotating score value for the pockets as you sink balls. It makes you look for shots you wouldn’t normally take. Same for the challenge modes in there. They keep the game interesting where a flat, one-player billiard sim might get boring.

A couple of control quibbles aside, I can heartily recommend Pocket Run as a fun arcade-y pool game.

Comics via Kindle

I took advantage of an Amazon sale of $1 Marvel collections to check out reading comics on the kindle. It’s been a really great experience.

The video above is from The Vision:The Complete Series and is an example of how the kindle app slides around a full- or splash-page layout. The way the app slides from frame-to-frame is slick, too.

You can pry my LCS from my cold, dead hands but comics on the kindle is an easy way to catch up on things I wouldn’t otherwise read.

Alto’s Freak Out

Caught a weird glitch in Alto’s Odyssey after an awkward crash. It just kept shaking and shaking.

Unlocked the last character, though, which is new for me.

I got to the end of Desert Golfing.

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this here. I’ve been playing the jeepers out of this game for a couple of years. And now I’m at the end. It’s a surprisingly great feeling.

This is a good read if you’re a fan of the game. It talks about the guy behind the game, Justin Smith, and his decision to make the game beatable for the unlucky players who had come up against Impossible Holes (of which I was one).

I’m irrationally excited at getting to the end. 11,100+ holes.

I’m also a bit lost. While I’m still playing Clash Royale and Alto’s Odyssey on the regular, Desert Golfing has been a constant for years.