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Lots of moving around

Started the Day of Activity (DoA) with some lawn mowing during lunch. We’ve had a bunch of rain lately and things were starting to get out of control, lawn-wise. I especially liked the map:

I also scheduled a tennis double-dip with some outdoor hitting:

Once the sun went down, it got cold, fast. It was good to get some swings in as a warmup for the normal Thursday night game:

I was pretty beat by the time we got to the beer-drinking part of the evening. And sore.

Ducks Ltd. at Richmond Music Hall 4/2/2024

The Richmond Music Hall is a nice room for bands.

Ducks Ltd. is a new-ish band to me (thanks, CHope) and I’m glad I went out for the show on a Tuesday night.

The sound has lots of ringing guitars and I’d mention The Clean, Soft Pack, and maybe some XTC as points of reference (2 of those 3 bands are faves of mine).

Here’s to live music!

Sunday Service (and a Couple of Volleys)

Easter Sunday morning was a great time for tennis. Some inside doubles with a couple of the guys.

Service game was streaky, like always. Ground strokes are still a mess from the re-tape of my racquet handle. I’ll try to fix that before I play again this week.

Windy-ass afternoon

Spring USTA starts next week and it’s time to start playing outside again.

The temperature was perfect, but the 20mph gusts made it kind of silly.

It’s going to be a long spring and summer of battling the sun.

Power’s out, again.

We’re in a weak local infrastructure pocket, electricity-wise. Some big winds this afternoon knocked the power out, and it’s still out tonight.

They gave us a repair ETA window from 9pm to midnight, so there’s still some room for them to hit it.

The low-light mode on the camera does a nice job of accenting the clouds in the darkness. It doesn’t pick up the hum of the handful of folks that have generators, though, so you’ll just have to imagine those.

No dipped flakes, plz.

I don’t mind getting experimental with food, you win some and you lose some.

This chocolate-dipped flakes version of Special K goes firmly in the L column. No bueno.

I’m going back to the straight Red Berries next time.

Strawberry Cheesecake Special K

Adam and I have been having some fun cereal-based conversations on the podcast and I was excited to try out this Strawberry Cheesecake Special K, since it seemed like an outlier to the generally “healthy” image the Special K branding goes for.

Turns out, it’s boring as hell. And it makes the milk a gross pink.

Do not recommend.

Easy martini

Broke out a green-bottle-Tanqueray martini for podcast recording last night. It was an easy supper for a fun episode.