Alexa via Raspberry Pi

I’m going to do this.

I got a Raspberry Pi for my birthday and intended to use it as a Media Center PC with some Plex functionality too. I wanted a catch-all media player for the bedroom tv. Those plans were scuttled because I didn’t consider remote control support for the device. This was short-sighted thinking on my part (and my DiY hopes were dashed by a smart sale on the Roku 2).

This GitHub project to bring the Alexa functionality (which reports seem to indicate is pretty cool) to my little Pi seems like an excellent use of time and effort. I only need to add minimal hardware and the GitHub project page says only two skills are required: Basic programming experience and Familiarity with shell.

I have neither of those. I’ve never used GitHib for anything.

I do, however, have the next week off for Spring Break as well as a desire to make this work.