Quarter cord

Half of a half-cord of wood in this swanky rack I got from Adam.

Our 2020 transition into people that spend time outside has been something, man. I would never have guessed that I’d be a guy that goes in on a truckload of wood.

Also hit some serves

I was pretty sore after the heavy work on Saturday so I took a basket of balls out to hit some serves and get some blood flowing. I was rusty as hell. My timing is all out of whack and my legs and shoulder were cooked halfway through the first basket.

There will be some rebuilding in order once the weather warms up and I can start playing regularly again.

Lifting recap

This is the video that I screen-grabbed earlier. You can hear the magnet brake locking in between reps.

455 reverse-band squats. It’s the most I’ve had on my back in a long while. It felt okay, too. Walkout looked good and the depth, on the second rep anyway, looked really good. I still need to keep working on my right hip so I can get low enough. It sure looks like there is plenty of power there. I’m not sure where the workouts go from here, but I am feeling more confident that I can get the 1000-pound meet total I am shooting for.

SaMcast Episode 150

We just keep making them. I really like hanging out with Adam and using bad words to talk about things we like.

Here's a lookback at our fave picks from 2020. Happy New Year!


###Followup and Footnotes

Beefy lad

Reverse-band deadlifts with a brake.

The reverse band makes the weight lighter at the bottom. We also add a magnet brake on the bar. The brake almost cancels out the bands.
What this does is make the weight at the very start the same as though there were no bands. Once you break the brake, you get the band benefit.
We do it to train speed off the floor. It’s a hassle to set up but it’s effective.