2021 Knicks are bringing some joy

This Mike Vaccaro story in the NY Post (which is a trash paper, for the record) really distills the good vibes I’m getting from the Knicks and their improbable season-so-far.

He makes some great comparisons to teams I loved and how, even though they didn’t win championships, had expectation-defying seasons that got the fans hyped.

Hyped as in I, a casual fan, popped for an RJ Barrett jersey earlier this year. I’m nearly a 50-year-old man and the number of appropriate places for me to wear a basketball jersey is very near zero. So you know I wear that shit around the house all the time. I’m excited by this 2nd year player like I was excited about Eli Manning in his 2nd year: underrated and written off early but daaamn good.

I’m looking forward to the last leg of this ride.