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Still got it.

I’m pretty happy with how this swing looks despite not playing a round in over two years. The blurriness is unintentional but fitting.

Last weekend we went on a little Spring Break vacation with some friends. Over beers the night before our round I talked about how I could shoot a 112 (which isn’t good) any time I wanted to. Apparently I talked about it a lot. And then I came up 2 strokes short.


Just like every other time I’ve played, I hit enough good shots to make me think I should play more. We’ll see.

And another Mo Salah video

He’s been electric vs. Manchester City.

This twitter video of him scoring and then running to stand in front of the visiting stand, soaking in the noise, gave me goosebumps:

World Class.

32-year-old NBA rookie, Andre Ingram

What a great story. 32 is usually well into the downside of an NBA career. I didn’t follow the NBA too much this year because the Knicks stunk (and Porzingis had a season-ending injury) so it’s nice to catch some feel-good vibes here at the end of the season.

Liverpool through to Champions League Semifinal

Holy crow. So stressful, again. What a match!

Janelle Monáe – “Make Me Feel”

It’s Prince as hell and I love it.

Liverpool Champions League Quarterfinal 1st Leg

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Tremendous match yesterday with Liverpool whacking Manchester City 3-0 in the 1st leg of their quarterfinal matchup. I watched the match at the local Liverpool supporter’s bar, which is a fun thing to have in Richmond, Va. It was a great scene made all the better with how Liverpool played. It’s a fun experience to be in a packed bar where everyone is rooting for the same team and that team is doing well.

Explosions of cheers at each of these goals.

The collective tension through the whole second half as Liverpool held off repeated City attacks was stressful but the relief and release at the final whistle set off another round of cheers. The Guinness helped.

Spacemen 3 – “Dreamweapon”

Grabbed this new-to-vinyl 2xLP release of this Spacemen 3 live performance. Originally titled “An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music” the 1st LP is the 45-minute set they played in 1988 at Watermans Art Center in Brentford, London. The 2nd LP is more of their live drone-y work.

I love Spacemen 3 and I love ambient music but this is way out on the drone-inspired end of that spectrum. It’s a niche listen, even for me.

Here is a funny story about this recording from Will Carruthers’ autobiography about his life with the band.

Don’t worry, Adam, I won’t be bringing it up on the podcast.

Comics via Kindle

I took advantage of an Amazon sale of $1 Marvel collections to check out reading comics on the kindle. It’s been a really great experience.

The video above is from The Vision:The Complete Series and is an example of how the kindle app slides around a full- or splash-page layout. The way the app slides from frame-to-frame is slick, too.

You can pry my LCS from my cold, dead hands but comics on the kindle is an easy way to catch up on things I wouldn’t otherwise read.

SaMcast Episode 80 “It’s April now, but we’re no fools.”

I am excited to share this 80th(!) episode of our little podcast. No guest this week, but don’t hold that against us.

Alto’s Freak Out

Caught a weird glitch in Alto’s Odyssey after an awkward crash. It just kept shaking and shaking.

Unlocked the last character, though, which is new for me.