In my ongoing quest to be a more useful family member, I have taken on the responsibility of Sunday Dinner. This week’s adventure was a cool 3-cheese & spinach stuffed shell with a side salad. I used this recipe from Lifehacker’s The Takeout sub-site.

We used to have all kind of baked pasta meals when I was a kid but I don’t specifically remember stuffed shells. We were more of a lasagna/baked ziti family.

We just got a new kitchen so I’m not 100% confident in oven temperatures and cook times yet. It was a 50-minute bake that I let run a few extra minutes to get some better browning on the mozzarella. It looked lovely. The salad was just a bagged spring mix. Hopefully we’ll get fresh veggies coming in soon.

I fit 15 stuffed shells into the dish for dinner and we ate a dozen of them. It’s a surprisingly rich meal, which I chalk up to the ricotta. I had enough filling left over for a second dish of 8 stuffed shells that I’ll bake up tonight.