Slow Burn is a recent podcast from Slate that i’ve been enjoying. The narrator, Leon Neyfakh, presents Watergate as it unfolded, taking special care to present some smaller characters that have been forgotten over the years. The Martha Mitchell story is sad and very interesting. She was wildly famous in the 60’s for her part in Watergate, but she’s also not someone I’ve ever heard of. Neyfakh drew a parallel between her and Anthony Scaramucci because everyone knows that name right now, but in 20 years, no one is going care or remember someone who served in the White House for 11 days. He also makes some really obvious connections between the way the Watergate scandal unfolded and the current Russia Election Tampering/Collusion investigation we’re living through. It doesn’t take much to connect those dots.

The episodes are pretty short so it’s an easy binge over a weekend.