The plan is that Adam and Mike come up with three things each to talk about. The hope is that the conversation expands beyond the list. The result is something to listen to.


SaMcast 021 • I Reckon So

Mike made it country, but it turned out okay.


SaMcast 020 • Smart Money

No, dear, listen to this one.


SaMcast 019 • Dumb Money

It was hard to choose just three.


SaMcast 018 • With Special Guest Mike Wells!

Just three dudes doing what three dudes do.


SaMcast 017 • Months Old Spoilers

Does anyone even remember Mr. Robot?


SaMcast 016 • Oh, God, not more baseball…!

Go out and see things!


SaMcast 015 • Old Things From An Old Man

You sad and broken thing.


SaMcast 014 • Analog Hand Things

If we can touch it we can talk about it.


SaMcast 013 • We Shared a #1

Alllll of the Rockets League.


SaMcast 012 • Influential Songs

Why didn’t Mike pick any rap songs?.


SaMcast 011 • ¡Vacaciones de Adam!

She knows what the policy pays.


SaMcast 010 • Prehistoric Education

Now with funny sounds!


SaMcast 009 • Richard Attenborough?

The Great Mis-Remembering of Nature Documentary Narrators.


SaMcast 008 • The Rodcast

Adam never saw it coming.


SaMcast 007 • Rubik’s Lube

Every day, someone is born who has never heard of the Flintstones, or Rod Stewart.


SaMcast 006 • Mumble Mumbleson

Mike should just leave the knobs and sliders alone.


SaMcast 005 • Milk Milk Lemonade

It definitely didn’t get sexier.


SaMcast 004 • Hydration is Fine

Recording in the afternoon means drinking water instead of beer.


SaMcast 003 • I’ll Give You My Number 2

Adam was surprisingly insistent about the delivery of his #2.


SaMcast 002 • Did You See My Text?

Sometimes the recording is garbage and they publish it anyway. They’ll make it up to you.


SaMcast 001 • Lazy Man’s Breakfast

This is the first one they’re going to publish and talk about. They have their reasons.