I haven’t played a tabletop RPG in probably 25 years. Maybe more, I forget. I know we played a lot of Marvel Super Heroes and some TMNT, but that was really it for me on the table top stuff. I had a good year-and-change playing WoW which I enjoyed but eventually moved on from.
Tonight I’m heading back to the table for a D’n’D game that Adam runs. It’s one of the things on my list of hobbies for 2013 so I’m going in with an eye to have some fun. I will be totally lost mechanics-wise but Adam assures me he can “teach at the table”. Wish him luck. I’m also planning to roll low on the ABV scale with my beverage of choice so I don’t become total dead weight for the group.
My preparation so far has been around getting a miniature painted. I figure that if I’m going to be a crap player my avatar should at least be cool. I went with Friar Stone, Traveling Monk. The beard and the bald head made the choice easy for me. I like painting the miniatures. His name is Karl Wythers.

PrimeAndShadow Browns LeftSideIncomplete
FinishedFront BacksideComplete LeftSideComplete

I’ve made some good progress since I started painting the little dudes (and I recognize that I have a ways to go). These are some NXTLVL versions of the same model. Ridiculous, right? This was the first time I did any highlighting. Even with my sloppy application it made a positive difference. I’ll tighten up on the next one.

Tonight should be fun. I’ll let you know how it goes.