Paul Thomas Anderson movie posters

Hoo Boy. Mondo asked Aaron Horkey to curate a movie poster series based on the films of Paul Thomas Anderson. It’s an impressive list of artists and the work is top-notch. The Horkey is especially good. He modeled it on vintage stock certificates and it’s just outstanding.

boogie-nights-poster-small magnolia-poster-small

punch-drunk-love-poster-small hard-eight-poster-small


Mondo being Mondo, the onsale for these is going to be a pain in the ass and it will likely take a deep pocket and a substantial amount of luck to get them. I’m personally most interested in the “Boogie Nights” poster by Rockin’ Jelly Bean (NSFW there, btw). I’ve been a fan for years but have never had the stones to actually buy a print of his. The subject matter of his work isn’t something I could get clearance to hang at my house. My odds are slightly better since this is a poster for a movie that Michelle and I both enjoy. We’ll see, I guess.