Terrific Aimee Mann interview

You just do it a million times and then you get a feeling for how it feels when it’s right. That’s not talent either. That’s practice. Talent is hugely predicated on practice.

This interview with Aimee mann is a lengthy read with some dynamite ideas in it. I’ve pulled a couple of quotes that I found especially relevant to where I am right now. These are ideas I’ve come across organically so it’s gratifying to hear that I’m on the right track. Gratifying might not be the best word, but I do like reading that someone has come to some of the same conclusions that I have. Wanting a “life that works” is a great turn of phrase. Doing things in your life that lead to that is hard these days. Maybe it used to be hard because I didn’t know how it should work. Time is really he only thing that can teach you. I’ve got some idea of what that might be now. It’s exciting.

So that’s what aging probably means. You’ve got to be around long enough to try all the dumb stuff and then get sick of it and then kind of reach the conclusion of, look, I don’t care if this is cool or sounds cool, I want a life that works now, because I want to be creative, and it’s not being creative to be obsessed, anxious, depressed, trying to control other people, trying to control circumstances, and flipping out when stuff doesn’t go your way.

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10k training, Day 1.


1st Monument Av 10k training team group run. It was no-joke cold out there.

Got caught up in the front group at the start of the run so I went out faster than I probably should have. There were also two really obnoxious hills in the mix. Gravity remains, as ever, my enemy.

Despite my crying about it, it felt great to get back out and run again. This is an aggressive schedule and I’m looking forward to getting after it.

LL Cool J, 1985, Maine high school gym

This is 100% my wheelhouse. I find this more interesting even than those colorized photos of early 20th century Paris. My love of this video also accurately dates me. I, right now, sound exactly how my dad did in the 80’s when he’d see footage of some doo wop show from the 50’s. Funny.

I can’t get over all of the little kids in the audience (I’d say crowd but that place is empty).

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MTB rides out at Hilbert (1/27/2013)


(click on that image for the full ride stats, via Ethan)

I finally got a chance to give my new clipless MTB pedals a spin this weekend out at Camp Hilbert in Goochland. These trails drain really well and the recent rain and snow didn’t leave much in the way of soft ground. And really, it was too cold for soft ground and the trail ruts I did see were frozen in. I got a text from Ethan on Saturday night looking to ride in the morning. I happened to be at a party at the time so my enthusiasm for an early start was low. Very low. I got it together in the morning enough to get out to the trailhead. I was hoping to enlist a couple of the other MTB-ers in our group but it was too short notice. I was going to be suffering alone. I’m a big, slow chicken on the trails and I spent the morning huffing through the frigid woods. It was great.

Except for going over my handlebars inside the first mile. I took a bad line on an approach to a u-ditch (I call them “whoop-de-doos”) and just ate shit before I even got into it. It hurt. It took me a solid minute to get up and get back on the bike. I want to say it was mostly assessing any injuries (nothing more than some bruises and a scrape) but I’ll admit to getting spooked by the crash and then reluctant to get back on. Once I got rolling again I had another slack run at a u-ditch where I didn’t commit fully and instead spent time worrying about being able to get my foot out of the pedal to break a fall. I ended up climbing out of that ditch. If I’d just hammered the damn thing I’d have been fine. I relied on that lesson the rest of the ride and didn’t some close to missing a line or bailing unnecessarily the rest of the morning.

The only way I’m going to stop worrying about being clipped in is to spend more time riding clipped in. I’m looking forward to it.

Nuclear Cowboyz

I guess this show is coming to my town? It looks genuinely insane with something to appeal to the 12-year-old in all of you: fire! motocross! scantily-clad ladies! laser show! fireworks!

It’s so crazy that I rewound the damn commercial to watch it again.

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