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Cadbury Creme Egg custom Dunnys

These are the best custom dunnys I’ve seen in a while.


[via SpankyStokes, a new to me and awesome source for toy news]

Rushmore Academy Pins

These Rushmore Academy pins are great.


The guy had them for sale at Etsy but they were $70. Now it looks like he has his own store set up an the price got nicer.

Sunday Rides 3/10/2013


I haven’t been out on the bike much this year and I was worried about how it would go. Luckily the running seems to have kept me in okay shape and the squats have made my legs reasonably strong. The route was generally friendly and it was great to get back out with a couple of the guys. We were flying.

I’ve got a big MTB ride in a couple of weeks that I’m a lot less worried about now thanks to this ride. The biggest discomfort was in the cycling-specific areas of my quads and my ass. There isn’t any substitute for time in the saddle so I was uncomfortable after about 10 miles. I need to get out more often before CNC or I’m going to be walking funny for a week afterward.

10k Training Run 3/9/2013


I will do my weekday runs this week. I will do my weekday runs this week. I will do my weekday runs this week. I will do my weekday runs this week. I will do my weekday runs this week. I will do my weekday runs this week. I will do my weekday runs this week. I will do my weekday runs this week. I will do my weekday runs this week.

My long list of excuses for why I didn’t do any weekday runs this week provided no comfort to me. It wasn’t pretty (not that it’s ever *pretty*, but this was especially ugly).

Too many breaks in the mix and a crap attitude combined for a sub-par run. I got through the miles, though, and that is what counts.

After running I went and lifted. It felt great to get back to weights.

(weight in lbs. per side)

Squats 6x per set: nothing, empty bar, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65
Bench 10x per set: nothing, empty bar, 25, 35, 45, 55 (5x at 55lbs.)

“Wool Omnibus Edition (Wool 1-5)” by Hugh Howey


Last year, Ronan asked me if I’d read Wool and I’d never heard of it. At $6 from Amazon it was easy enough to take a chance on.

The omnibus is a series of stories set in a common environment. Howey wrote the first one and the response from readers was so strong that he wrote more in the same world. It’s a smartly-built environment but is not so impossible or unbelievable that you can’t understand the motivations in play. There is a pervasive tension that builds throughout the series but Howey makes plenty of room for some surprisingly sad and tender moments, too.

I liked it a lot. The first is free (for kindle) and if you like it you should definitely keep going. There are cool ideas in there. The stories get longer as you go with the first around 60 pages and the 5th over 250.

“You Were Never Really Here” by Jonathan Ames


You Were Never Really Here is a new kindle single from Byliner by Jonathan Ames. I saw it linked over at Super Punch and bought it for when I’d be in between longer reads. I caught some time this week to read it but forgot what it was about. It turns out that it’s hard-boiled noir, which I have enjoyed, but this was noir that was too dark for me.

I guess this next bit might be a spoiler so I’ll put this sentence here to keep you from reading further unless you want to.

There was a lot of heavy violence in there but that comes with the “hard-boiled” and “noir” territory. What put me off was the fact that I’ve got a 13-year old daughter so the plot points based around the one in this story were disturbing to the point of taking enjoyment away. I’ve got enough irrational fear about my kids out in this world that I’m not looking for more fuel in my recreational reading.

It’s a punchy story that doesn’t slow down for much of anything. I’d recommend it to someone without kids, though.

“Allez! Allez!” by The Night Marchers


As a well-documented fan of just about anything John Reis does professionally I’m obviously all-in on this new Night Marchers record. It’s a big rock and roll record and I love it. The guitars are there like always but they’re more angular on the new one and have a more Hot Snakes or

10k Training Run – Week 5


It was pretty cold and it took most of the first mile to get everything loose. I had a terrible 4th mile again. Everything goes bad once I cross the 3 mile mark and I don’t know why. Weirder is that it only lasts a mile. When I get across the 4-mile mark I settle back into a groove and sally forth.

It’s odd.

Ricky Rubio has the answers. All of them.

Mark Ryden cover for the new Tyler the Creator album

I’m not a big Tyler fan. I file his music under I’m Too Old For Whatever That Is. That doesn’t happen to me a lot but I’m not going to fight it when it does. No big.

I do, however, like Mark Ryden and I *love* this cover he’s done for Tyler’s new album.


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