Ultralilght gear or a hearty #2?

I’m a hearty #2 man, myself. I’ve joked forever about “having a salad” when presented with an opportunity to upgrade to newer, lighter bike parts. Semi-rad uses some math to further the case for GI regularity.

If your full-time job is something other than “professional cyclist,” I think you should save the money you’d like to spend on the newest ultralight bike frame, get something cheaper, and just take a dump before you go on your ride.

Via Drunk Cyclist.

RobertCop 2

Brad McGinty (of the Xenomorph Anatomy shirt fame) has a new shirt up for sale and it’s terrific. Based on a bootleg Chinese toy, it’s RobertCop 2.

Johnny5 ?!?! 3PO?!?!

I’ve got way too many tee shirts already but this is the kind of thing that I would wear all of the time. I mean, c’mon. Look at the faux-comics ad for it!