2012’s fitness totals.

I feel like I had another active year in 2012. That’s good. I like being active. I get a real mental benefit from regular bouts of steady exercise. I know this because I turn into a dick (figuratively, of course, I retain my human form at all times) if I go more than a week without some kind of run/bike/swim/hike. And I almost never realize that’s what is happening until I’ve done something dick-y. Anyway, these are my numbers from 2012 as entered into DailyMile. It’s a handy site. I’m a fan.


My weight graph was not so good. Around Thanksgiving this year I decided that I had grown tired of the way I ate and decided to kick it 2002-style. Lots of beers, thirds at Thanksgiving, and every single Christmas cookie I could fit into my mouth. It was delicious but I felt, and eventually looked, like the quitter I was behaving as. I’m in the process of righting the ship and I think this graph will look a lot better in 6 months. I weigh every morning and log it all at Skinnyr, another very handy site for tracking.


Adam has got me all excited about data collection for this new year. I’ve got plans to track all kinds of things for 2013. We’ll see if it sticks.

Smashed burgers.

I’ve been grilling a long time and I think my burger game is pretty tight. I like them grilled because I can cook a half dozen at a time (if I need to) and the smokiness doesn’t jack up our small kitchen (when we cook bacon, the smell/smoke seems to linger forever). I’ve had diner-style (or smashed) burgers before and they’re definitely tasty. I’m not 100% into the greasiness, though, which is probably why I prefer the grilling.

This article at Serious Eats, however, has me straight-up inspired to get some burger smashing going on a cast iron skillet.

I mean, come on. Even I, a long-time grilling advocate, gets some saliva turning at this photo:


[via Later On]

Ultralilght gear or a hearty #2?

I’m a hearty #2 man, myself. I’ve joked forever about “having a salad” when presented with an opportunity to upgrade to newer, lighter bike parts. Semi-rad uses some math to further the case for GI regularity.

If your full-time job is something other than “professional cyclist,” I think you should save the money you’d like to spend on the newest ultralight bike frame, get something cheaper, and just take a dump before you go on your ride.

Via Drunk Cyclist.

RobertCop 2

Brad McGinty (of the Xenomorph Anatomy shirt fame) has a new shirt up for sale and it’s terrific. Based on a bootleg Chinese toy, it’s RobertCop 2.

Johnny5 ?!?! 3PO?!?!

I’ve got way too many tee shirts already but this is the kind of thing that I would wear all of the time. I mean, c’mon. Look at the faux-comics ad for it!