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Fun little glitch site

Instagram “All Caught Up” notification

This surprised me this afternoon.

I have a deep hatred for the algo-driven feed. I use Twitterrific to get my tweets in chronological order but there isn’t a good 3rd party app to use for Instagram.

This seems like an okay compromise. I hate that they won’t just let me see what I want in the order it was posted, but maybe I’m less mad if they still show me everything? I dunno. We’ll see.


It’s not even noon.

Too high

This video purports to be some late-night rascals climbing to the top of a new office building here downtown. And then they climb to the top of the big crane they’re using on the site.

No, thank you.

Lifting Diary, 6.

Couple things I recorded here. First are my feet for squat setup. It’s important to keep the number of steps to a minimum when you’ve got big weight on your back, and the only way I will learn to keep it minimal is to repeat the efficient setup even when the weight isn’t that big (like in this video).

The next bit of the recording is an actual squat set. I’m happy again with the efficient foot setup. I’m not as happy with the depth. My, er, significant power belly makes it a little hard to determine full depth from this camera angle. I see some box squats in my future. I also forgot my knee sleeves, like a mook. It’s important to bring all of your equipment when you’re training.

The last segment is some more of that sweet gravity therapy from last week. Once I was upside down and relaxed it took about 5 seconds for my spine to click back into place. It’s a great feeling.

Snail Mail – “Lush”

Debut album from singer/songwriter Lindsey Jordan. It’s so damn good.

“Pristine” is the lead single and a fair measure of what the sound is. I call it 90’s guitar indie rock (and I love it).

They’re coming to Richmond in a couple of weeks and I’m hyped to see them live.

Jake Johnson on The Handsome Rambler Podcast

This is a fun interview with Jake Johnson on Hannibal Buress’ podcast “The Handsome Rambler”.

I like the idea of recording these kinds of interviews on audio and on video. There is a funny story about Jake and Hannibal on the set of Tag trying to get Brian Dennehy to listen to the song “Dennehy” by Serengeti. It’s a super-duper Chicago song and it’s still making me laugh.

Lifting Diary, 5.

My family and life schedules have kept me from my normal lifting routine but I have added a Sunday morning session to the mix with some success. There are some OG members who have off-hours access and I’ve been coat-tailing with them in a 7:30-9am window. It’s good for me to get up and moving.

I’ve been using Sunday morning to get accessory work done along with a little cardio. “Little Cardio” has meant these moderate weight sled pulls in the video above. It’s not a ton of weight, but the tackiness of the track makes it a little challenging, eventually. As long as I keep the breaks between sets short (and my heart rate up) it’s good exercise.

I do miss Sunday Rides but I just can’t get myself in the mode to fix my bikes and get riding.

I also use the Sunday window for mobility work. I’ve been using the Big Ray Strap and Godzilla Band the last couple of weekends. It provides a little gravity traction and it feels suuuuuper-good. This isn’t me, but this is how I use it:

Edgy reference, Peter

SaMCast 86: Crowd Sourced RSVP

More good laughs and solid picks this week.

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