Our Cuisinart Kettle

This electric kettle is one of the smartest purchases we’ve made as a family. For real.

I was electric kettle shopping 5 years ago because I kept burning stovetop kettles by forgetting that I had put them on. Like, I would put on a kettle and then see a neighbor in the street and go chat for half an hour, only to come back to an empty, dry, glowing hot kettle on our electric range. Not good.

So I went to the Wirecutter, like a proper Interneter, and bought their top pick. It was the Cuisinart CPK-17. It has pre-programmed buttons from 160 degrees through boiling so you don’t have to pay much attention when you put water on for, say, a green tea (170 degrees) or a pot of pour-over coffee (200 degrees) or a packet of instant oatmeal (boiling, baby!). We’ve had this thing for 5+ years, I use it twice a day (tea for kids and coffee for me), and we’ve never had any trouble with it. The numbers on the buttons are mostly worn off, but the element inside keeps making the water very hot.

It’s also comforting to my min/maxers heart to learn that this is still the Wirecutter’s pick for best electric kettle.

I’m a smart shopper sometimes.