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Sneaky Athleticism

The Mets are still on the wrong side of .500 but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some joy to be found in baseball.

The internet was quick to remind everyone of this gem from a couple of years ago:

so so sexy

Lifting Diary, 4.

Breaking apart the compound movement can help you focus on an area of weakness. Floor presses with boards help you train all but the bottom of the bench press.

The floor press also limits the range of motion of your arms at the bottom of the lift. I’ve also a 2-layer (two 1×6 pine boards) board stack under my shirt. By making the lift more shallow, you can work on building strength on different parts of the bar path.

285 lbs. is ten more pounds than my current 1-rep max. I’m looking forward to the next test week so I can see how far my bench has come since my move back to powerlifting. It’s the only lift that matters, after all.

Bill Simmons’ interview with Charles Oakley

While I could entertain the argument that maybe the 90’s Knicks didn’t play the most beautiful basketball, they’re still my favorite NBA team of all time. Charles Oakley was my favorite player on those Knicks teams so I am contractually obligated to share the above interview.

It’s a good one. He has lots of good stories and lots of cranky old man opinions about the modern game. I loved it.

Lifting diary, 3.

More band work this week. Bad camera placement but you can get the gist of what’s happening. Same as with the bench the other week, the assisting bands let you have the full weight out of the rack and at the top of the movement but give you a little help out of the hole at the bottom.

This was the first time in a couple of weeks I was able to squat without pain. It turns out that my form had been off and I was adding load to my knees that shouldn’t have been there. It’s the damnedest thing, the movements don’t hurt when you do them the right way!

Since it didn’t hurt I went a little heavier than I planned. I paid for it this morning. All of my squat muscles are super-sore.

Lifting diary, 2.

My current one-rep max on the bench is 275lbs. Here I am training with 265 on the bar and 30-35 pounds of assistance from the suspended bands. It is a little tricky to get the bands perfectly balanced, but a 2-pound difference between the sides isn’t a dealbreaker.

This exercise with the reverse bands and a paused first rep (“reverse” because I’m using the bands to assist the lift rather than add resistance to the lift) train a couple of things:
1. speed – with the bands helping you lift from the bottom you can experience moving heavy-ish weight quickly
2. explosive movement from the bottom – it’s different from speed, the pause forces you to “explode” into the up-motion instead of using momentum from a bounce off of your chest
3. heavy weight in your hands at the start – a common mental block I run into when I’m benching is just how heavy a 100% or 105% lift feels at the start. The bands allow you to feel the full weight at the top but then assist the movement through the range of motion. It’s a trick you’re pulling on your brain (which I continue to fall for) and a confidence builder.

As always, 10,000 thank-yous to everyone at The Weight Room for all of the coaching, programming, and support.

Another Liverpool piece that makes me feel better

This Deadspin article focuses a little less on the Champions League final and counts all of the good fortune of the 2017-2018 LFC season.

Luckily I still have the Mets’ bullpen catastrophe to keep me in a bad sports mood…

Liverpool 1-3 Real Madrid in the Champions League Final

I’m still kind of steamed at the cheap shot on Mo Salah (#fuckSergioRamos).

It was a tough loss but Liverpool proved that they can run with the elite clubs in Europe. They can’t always win, but they belong. This offseason will be about building bench depth. Its tough to compete with a squad that can bring Gareth freaking Bale off the bench. Sheesh.

KIEV, UKRAINE – MAY 26: Jurgen Klopp, Manager of Liverpool greets Mohamed Salah of Liverpool as he leaves the pitch injured during the UEFA Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Liverpool at NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium on May 26, 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

This article did a great job of convincing me that it wasn’t all terrible.

I’m going to see them plan an exhibition in July, hopefully the World Cup doesn’t keep too much of the team from playing.

Bartolo Colon is 45

I’m embarrassed to admit that I missed Bartolo’s birthday yesterday. I’m such a fake fan.

He’s a good sport

Liverpool’s Long Road to the Champions League Final

This is a good read at The Ringer about Liverpool’s history (it’s not all great) and their resurgence this season under Jürgen Klopp (which has been mostly great).

I’m still a relatively new fan to English soccer in general but I am increasingly confident that I made the right arbitrary choice when I decided to root for LFC.

Salah & Lovren: Coffee Mates

This is adorable. Mo Salah and Dejan Lovren appear to have become pals over the course ofSalah’s 1st season with Liverpool. I def. Recommend watching with the closed-captioning on. Their English is good but the accents are thick.

Huge match this weekend. Really looking forward to it.

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