2021 River City Strongman

I thought I was done with strongman contests, but when Chris gets back in the Hosting game I guess I’ll need to get back in the contest game. It’s just 8 weeks after my next weightlifting meet so it’ll be a gear-change into heavier weights.

And it’ll be in the middle of Team Tennis season, so it’s all uncharted water. I’m stoked.

And these are consistently the most comfortable meet shirts I’ve gotten. I have to size up, but they’re worth it.

22-pitch walk is pretty funny

Baseball season starts in a few weeks and this weekend there was a funny (“funny”) thing that happened.

12 pitches is a lot for an at-bat. 22 is w i l d.

The Mets are projected to be good this year. I hope they stay healthy and hang in there.

A chilly basket of serves

Got out in the sun and hit a couple of baskets of balls. Team tennis starts in a couple of weeks and I’d rather not be a heap of rust and pudding.

I might be out of the woods, Covid-wise. I still have a lingering cough but none of the other classic (awful) symptoms. There’s still so much unknown about this virus, but I’m going to play it like I’m almost whole and get back to regular life.

Office Cleanup Ephemera

I went to this game with my dad. I think maybe my sister had gotten the tickets and couldn’t go? No matter, it was at RFK Stadium, a small stadium by modern standards and a great place to see a ballgame. At the time, Boomer Esiason’s 522 passing yards were the third-most all-time in a single game, and were the most ever at RFK.

Our seats were in the end zone and just high enough that we could see the whole field. It was like the 3rd-person view in the old 2K football games. Watching receivers break open while the ball was in flight was awesome.

And Arizona won in overtime after Washington puked up a 14-point lead with 10 minutes left in the game. Super-funny to a couple of Giants fans on a free Sunday afternoon.

Also hit some serves

I was pretty sore after the heavy work on Saturday so I took a basket of balls out to hit some serves and get some blood flowing. I was rusty as hell. My timing is all out of whack and my legs and shoulder were cooked halfway through the first basket.

There will be some rebuilding in order once the weather warms up and I can start playing regularly again.

Beefy lad

Reverse-band deadlifts with a brake.

The reverse band makes the weight lighter at the bottom. We also add a magnet brake on the bar. The brake almost cancels out the bands.
What this does is make the weight at the very start the same as though there were no bands. Once you break the brake, you get the band benefit.
We do it to train speed off the floor. It’s a hassle to set up but it’s effective.