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Matt Damon on the Ringer Podcast

I’m in the bag for Matt Damon and this is a fun interview. It was set up to talk about Rounders (a movie I enjoy very much) but he also spends time talking about his contemporaries and how they came up in the 90’s

Safe As Milk Podcast 93 – Adam Broke His Edge

Good times and a couple of chuckles while we talk about some shows and podcasts we’ve been enjoying and then Mike closes us out with a Public Service Announcement.

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Safe As Milk Podcast 92 – Mike Played a Game

No, seriously, Adam put a game into the outline and Mike played it all the way through. This has only happened twice in the storied history of our humble podcast.

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Safe As Milk Podcast 91 – What Is Slowcore

A music packed episode to wrap up the summer.

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Safe As Milk Podcast Episode 90 – Gorgeous Manfolks Of Podcasting

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Southern Nightmare

Southern Nightmare is a podcast that tells the story of the Southside Strangler, a serial killer in Virginia in the in 1980’s. I grew up in Richmond and I can remember hearing this guy’s name on the news a lot but I don’t remember the panic in the town. The case is also historically important because it’s the first capital murder conviction based solely on DNA evidence. Who would have ever guessed that VA would be at the technological cutting edge in evidence use? Does that make it ironic that they exercised the death penalty on him via electric chair?
The podcast is locally produced and recorded here in Richmond and it’s a good listen if you’re into true crime (which I am not, generally). It’s definitely creepy hearing about the killer stalking victims at the mall where we used to hang out in high school.

Hott Minute with Jamie and Ashley

Hott Minute is a podcast that I heartily recommend. Jamie and Ashley are a couple of funny folks in Nashville and they bring some spicy takes on who (Martin Landau, Meghan Markle) and what (tress, baths) is hott. I should also add a language warning to my recommendation. They def. say “titties” a lot.

Season 1 is complete and Season 2 is probably right around the corner?

I didn’t listen to these episodes as they came out so I constantly had to fight the urge to tweet at them about the stuff they were talking about. I won’t make that mistake for this next season.

SamCast 89 – Cut the Front First

Followup and Footnotes

SamCast 87 – Where Do You Find The Time?

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