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SamCast 87 – Where Do You Find The Time?

Followup and Footnotes


Fun little glitch site

Jake Johnson on The Handsome Rambler Podcast

This is a fun interview with Jake Johnson on Hannibal Buress’ podcast “The Handsome Rambler”.

I like the idea of recording these kinds of interviews on audio and on video. There is a funny story about Jake and Hannibal on the set of Tag trying to get Brian Dennehy to listen to the song “Dennehy” by Serengeti. It’s a super-duper Chicago song and it’s still making me laugh.

SaMCast 86: Crowd Sourced RSVP

More good laughs and solid picks this week.

Followup and Footnotes

Bill Simmons’ interview with Charles Oakley

While I could entertain the argument that maybe the 90’s Knicks didn’t play the most beautiful basketball, they’re still my favorite NBA team of all time. Charles Oakley was my favorite player on those Knicks teams so I am contractually obligated to share the above interview.

It’s a good one. He has lots of good stories and lots of cranky old man opinions about the modern game. I loved it.

SaMcast Episode 85 – “YUGGHCK”

This week the Mike and Adam link minds, sharing a pick and then each bringing rap and videogames:

Footnotes/Follow Up

SamCast #84 Garth Brooks Chris Gaines Countdown Dot Com

We had a great time with Michael Eades as a guest on the show for this episode.

Special Guest: Michael Eades

The Picks

Followup and Footnotes

This is the giant, flame throwing mantis I was talking about.

The night is full of terrors.

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I do not like the Lumineers.

SaMcast #83 – “Very Brown, Dumb Hats”

I get to talk about my 1st ever trip to Las Vegas and Adam brings a song, a book, and a movie (no spoliers!).

SaMcast Episode 82 : Scum Bum

This is a good one.

Adam and I talk on the Theme of “Reawatchable Movies”, and I have to tell you that I was very surprised by his picks. It’s a fun listen.