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Snail Mail at Strange Matter 7/12/2018

Snail Mail was great.

It was a mid-week show after I’d been on the road a ton over the weekend. It was still totally worth it.

Highly recommended if they come anywhere near you.

Instagram “All Caught Up” notification

This surprised me this afternoon.

I have a deep hatred for the algo-driven feed. I use Twitterrific to get my tweets in chronological order but there isn’t a good 3rd party app to use for Instagram.

This seems like an okay compromise. I hate that they won’t just let me see what I want in the order it was posted, but maybe I’m less mad if they still show me everything? I dunno. We’ll see.

RVA Osprey Cam

While I’m still a big fan of the DC Eagle Cam, it’s pretty cool that we have an RVA Osprey Cam:

@hello_to_people getting ready to sing the National Anthem with @tmschorus !! #GoSpiders

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Today’s @natgeo Instagram story is about baby pandas. Worth a watch if you want a break from…things.

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2 nights of live performance in a row might be too much.

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Killer show! @runthejewels at the @thenorva

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Schwarma and a tasty Israeli beer. Happy #jewishfoodfestival everyone!

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Is this still a thing? Did they move it to Friday when they couldn’t take MLK away?

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