Quarter cord

Half of a half-cord of wood in this swanky rack I got from Adam.

Our 2020 transition into people that spend time outside has been something, man. I would never have guessed that I’d be a guy that goes in on a truckload of wood.

Beefy lad

Reverse-band deadlifts with a brake.

The reverse band makes the weight lighter at the bottom. We also add a magnet brake on the bar. The brake almost cancels out the bands.
What this does is make the weight at the very start the same as though there were no bands. Once you break the brake, you get the band benefit.
We do it to train speed off the floor. It’s a hassle to set up but it’s effective.

A week of fun photos.

Been tinkering with the phone camera and some of the layout tools in WordPress.

It took a few attempts to get the fire pit overhead shot. I was worried about melting my phone case.

The martini one is from one of the Halide lessons. When you in-app purchase the Pro(?) tier you get 10 lessons via email. It’s pretty handy.

The house photo was the night camera. I’ve been dabbling in some Hue lighting around the house and the blue bedroom stands out in a cool way.

Friday mornings are for Early Bird biscuits and grabbed the fisheye shot while waiting for my order.

And lastly, our youngest had another birthday, which is awesome. The iPhone does a nice job of capturing photos by birthday candlelight.