Father’s Day MTB session

Got out with some Dad-bros for an early, early, MTB session at Pocahontas. That’s me on the right. With the beard.

It was steamy and my memory may be faulty, but to my recollections we went Blueberry-> Gateway-> Bell Lap-> Bell Return-> Corkscrew-> Sunsetter-> Bell Return-> Blueberry Return.

It is always better to go ride.

After we went home and caught a shower, we met again and watched some Euro 2020 at Final Gravity.

Sturdy Lad

One of the more recent signals of my slow decent into my dotage has been my enthusiastic stocking of bird feeders.

I say “bird feeders” but I’m mostly feeding this chubbinsky. He can still do most of the normal squirrel jumping and climbing, but he won’t be for long if he keeps this up.


That’s all the deck chairs and loungers pulled from storage, where they spent all season in 2020, to get a power washing.

Memorial Day is gonna be a zoo.