Safe As Milk Podcast #167 – Relax your Brain

These are still a lot of fun so we’re still at it.

I read a book! Adam has some YouTube inspiration! And we both have new tunes to recommend! Enjoy!

(12:31) The Rook by by Daniel O’Malley
(16:48) “Pray for Haiti” by Mach-Hommy
(23:15) “The Ballad of Dood & Juanita” by Sturgil Simpson
(32:28) Modeling/Diorama Youtube Boylei Hobby Time || Plasmo || Luke Towan || Studson Studio

Adam – Gin (Beef Eater) + Tonic (Fever Tree)
Mike – Negroooooooni with Few Barrel Gin

Followup and Footnotes!
Music Break: Kelly Lee Owens – “Melt!”
Nacho Helmet
Safe As Milk Tunes on Spotify
Recursion (ep. 159)
CW Pencil Enterprise (ep. 122) closing up shop
Nobody (2021)
The Adventure Zone – Ethersea
Subnautica Below Zero (ep. 101)

SaMcast 156 : The Big Wet Way

It has been a long long time since we could record in person, but we are back at it:

(20:31) Wonder Woman Dead Earth
(24:11) Invincible (Amazon Prime)
(29:40) Sad About the Times
(36:43) The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Mike & Adam – Pink Jimmy

Followup and Footnotes
Music Break: Company Flow – Silence
Hot Ones parodied on SNL
Snowpiercer (TV series)
COD Warzone
Kong vs. Godzilla
The Usual Suspects
The Public Radio
What Had Happened Was
LOTR: Return of the King

Bandcamp Friday!

I did some more work on some Wishlist items with the Nashville Ambient Ensemble (I sprung for the vinyl on this one) and the $mokebreak EP.

I don’t remember where I first heard Stan Ipcus rap, but I’m glad I did. His style hits me the right way.

The Jack Silverman ep is a cool 3-song release and has a little more saxophone than you may have been expecting (in the good way that unexpected saxophone sometimes appears).

The Coupler “Live on Worldwide FM” set just came out today so I haven’t gotten too deep into it. I’ve been into everything I’ve heard from them so I expect to enjoy this one, too.

SaMcast 154

The cold open here is really a triumph and a testament to the friendship I share with Adam.

(13:06) Valheim
(21:33) Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet(Apple TV 2020)
(28:30) Mark Rober
(36:55) The Flight Attendant (HBO Max 2020)

Mike – Negroni with Del Profesore vermouth
Adam – Marlowe Artisanl Ales – Blackout Jinx

Followup and Footnotes
Music Break: No.Stress “Prelude No.1”
Fight Club
Coming 2 America
The Goonies

Hooked up with Sault “5” and “7”

Big shouts to Deep Groove for the hookup on a used copy of Sault’s “5” and “7”. These two were out of print for a while, and then when they came back in they were import-priced (like, $45 per) and almost immediately sold out.

I try hard to support local shops for as much as I can manage and sometimes that goodwill is repaid by a heads up on some records I’ve been looking for.

These are great albums, if you haven’t heard them. 5-stars.