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Loretta Lynn “Fist City”

Loretta Lynn (still alive, btw) is an American Treasure.

NME 100 (from 2014)

This is a playlist I put together last year based on this NME Top 500 Songs of All Time list from 2014. It’s most of the Top 100. There are a couple that aren’t on Spotify.

They’re all hits (well, except the Blur songs, obvs.), and at over 7 hours long, it’s a nice way to spend a workday or two.

Snail Mail at Strange Matter 7/12/2018

Snail Mail was great.

It was a mid-week show after I’d been on the road a ton over the weekend. It was still totally worth it.

Highly recommended if they come anywhere near you.

“Music From Big Pink” is 50 years old.

It’s crazy to me that this record is 50 years old. I never listened to it until after I read the 33 1/3 novella “Music From Big Pink”, which is a fictionalized story of the recording of the album.

It’s one of those albums that gets the major hype treatment from the baby boomers but, IMO, it lives up to it.

Snail Mail – “Lush”

Debut album from singer/songwriter Lindsey Jordan. It’s so damn good.

“Pristine” is the lead single and a fair measure of what the sound is. I call it 90’s guitar indie rock (and I love it).

They’re coming to Richmond in a couple of weeks and I’m hyped to see them live.

Jake Johnson on The Handsome Rambler Podcast

This is a fun interview with Jake Johnson on Hannibal Buress’ podcast “The Handsome Rambler”.

I like the idea of recording these kinds of interviews on audio and on video. There is a funny story about Jake and Hannibal on the set of Tag trying to get Brian Dennehy to listen to the song “Dennehy” by Serengeti. It’s a super-duper Chicago song and it’s still making me laugh.

new Zomes “The First Stone”

I caught Zomes at an in-store at Steady Sounds a couple of years ago and they were great. Their new album is out on cassette and is available digitally via bandcamp.

I miss the vocals but I still lurve all of the synth.

Direct From Hollywood Cemetery

Fun RVA throwback, Direct From Hollywood Cemetery always delivered live. Here’s a just-released, 3-song studio recording from ~2006. It’s a fun listen.

Black Thought – “Streams of Thought Vol. 1”

Streams of Thought Vol. 1 is a new solo ep from Black Thought, the MC from The Roots. His 10-minute freestyle on Flex in the Morning was one of my favorite things in 2017. This ep is more of the same and I am into it. I especially love some of the lyrical throwbacks he drops. We’re the same age, so I know that he was listening to some of the same hip hop records that I was when he was 14,15,16. It’s cool to share some frame of reference with him that I can recognize in his work.

I also just really like his flow. I don’t know that it’s because he’s an older head, but the way he does it sounds good to my ears. I’m kind of a curmudgeon about rappers, I know.

“Ideal Home” by Near Future

A collaboration between Blancmange’s Neil Arthur and solo electronic artist Bernholz (who also performs live as part of Gazelle Twin).

Files were swapped, sounds and lyrics re-wired, and debut LP ‘Ideal Home’ is the gloriously minimal result.

It’s got a nice goth-y vibe to it. Not deathrock and not darkwave, but maybe darkwave adjacent? It’s a good listen.

It’s on Spotify if you want to stream it.