Sturdy Lad

One of the more recent signals of my slow decent into my dotage has been my enthusiastic stocking of bird feeders.

I say “bird feeders” but I’m mostly feeding this chubbinsky. He can still do most of the normal squirrel jumping and climbing, but he won’t be for long if he keeps this up.

Pink Drink Spring Finale?

Rounded out the themed spring podcast cocktails with a daiquiri. I wasn’t familiar with the straight-up cocktail, only the frozen slurpee-style variant.

This was a nice treat, if a little sweet for my taste. Rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and strawberries.

Snowy Sunday

That snow sky paid off, for a few hours anyway. I hustled out to get a fire started so I could drink some coffee in the snow.

We ended up with about 4 inches. This measurement was after it had been raining/sleeting a bit. It would have been a ton of snow if we’d gotten 5 degrees colder.

That morning coffee was the only time I left the house. I spent the evening working on this miso-marinated flank steak stir fry. It was a tasty but I already know what changes I’m making for next time.

Beer-in-the-snow postscript, because beer and firepits are like “peas and carrots”, as Forrest would say.

Food posts, I guess?

My blogging efforts this year have been an effort to retake my posts from the Facebook Social Media Industrial Complex.

Food posts are a staple of my social media posts but it feels weird putting them here on the blog.

It’s not really any different from drinks posts, I guess? All of which is a long-winded way of saying, “look at these steaks”.

Steady Sub’n

Mr. Submarine is one of these old-style Richmond sandwich shops that fell under the radar when we became a “foodie town”. The dedicated customers never left but it looks like a place that time forgot (and almost ran over judging by the mangled tables in front).

Some of the tennis guys were hyping this place, and I had never been, so I gave it a run for lunch.

I went with the Club Sub and the Chicken Parm. I didn’t toast the Club, which might have been a mistake. Both subs were plenty big. The fries were fine. I’ll re-run the Club next time but toasted and I’ll see how the Steak and Cheese is.