Chocolate Sombrero. I think “Mexican-Style” means pepper spicy. There might be something there but it’s pretty mild. The Prairie Bomb is my reference for this kind of thing.

It’s only okay.

12 Beers of Christmas 3 and 4

I should spread them out more but I didn’t want a beer last night. Sorry.

Pecan Pie Porter is fun to say and easy to drink. I spent a winter getting into porters a few years ago. It’s a nice compromise where you get a lot of the maltiness of a big stout with a much lower ABV

This one was much more “porter” than “pecan pie”, which is a positive in my book.

Space Cake is a really great DIPA that I’ve had several times. At 9% it’s one to be wary of but, man, is it tasty.

This is the only one in the box so I’ll be fine.

12 Beers of Christmas Days 1 and 2

We all got our own open-one-a-day calendars this year. Mine is from Clown Shoes Brewing. I haven’t had a ton of their beers but I have really enjoyed the ones I have.

Day One was a dry-hopped IPA. It’s a standard-issue style these days and this one was really tasty.

Day Two was a Bavarian-Style IPA. This is not a style I’ve had before and I don’t know that the Bavarians are known for their IPAs? I didn’t really like this one, but I soldiered through and finished it.

Weekend beer notes

I’ve been looking for ways to tinker with the camera on the iPhone 12 Pro Max so obviously I took some Portrait Mode photos of some beers I enjoyed over the holiday weekend.

The Veil’s Circle of Wolves is a big barley wine, this one aged in bourbon barrels. I’m not sure what year it’s from. 2019, maybe? There was plenty of bourbon still in it so it couldn’t have been too old. It was nice for a cool autumn afternoon.

2013 Bourbon County was next. I’ve got this old flight of these I’ve been hanging onto for too long. Figured it would be an interesting follow after that Veil jam.

It was not. 7 years is just too long to rest. There was some bourbon in there and yeah, it was a stout, but it wasn’t in any of the fun ways this beer would have been after a year or two of cellaring. Oh, well lesson learned. I poured most of it out.

Official, a new, fresh IPA from Bell’s was exactly what I needed after that Bourbon County (failed) experiment. This one is all lively citrus at the front and the beer is hazy but not at all chewy like they can sometimes be. Bell’s just got back to us in RVA and this has been the highlight so far.

Back on some beer

Enjoyed a couple of cans of Weapon of Choice from Civil Society Brewing.

Like Adam mentioned on the show, it’s great that Richmond gets beer this good from far away. As shitty as 2020 has been, generally, we’re in an Era of Great Beer Availability.