Back on some beer

Enjoyed a couple of cans of Weapon of Choice from Civil Society Brewing.

Like Adam mentioned on the show, it’s great that Richmond gets beer this good from far away. As shitty as 2020 has been, generally, we’re in an Era of Great Beer Availability.

2020 RVA Open 1/19/2020

The Solid Sundays keep on rolling.

Last weekend I competed in the 2020 RVA Open, a weightlifting meet here in town. I was trying to get a competition total of 179kg, which would qualify me for competition at the 2020 American Open Series, which starts in March at The Arnold. I went a couple of years ago and it was a good time.

Here’s my last lift of the RVA Open:

This 105kg clean and jerk was a PR for me and secured a meet total of 183kg, more than enough to qualify for the Arnold.

As always, I have to give tremendous credit to my coaches, Chris and Maddie from The Weight Room (the best gym in RVA).

I copped this sweet medal:

Got a photo with these class gentlemen from my session:

And then rolled over to Banditos for food and cold ones with my family:

Like I said, solid.

Gather Up the Gold from The Veil Brewing

I had this the other night. The Veil describes it as:

Simple Ale designed by our Funkhaüst manager Pizza Nick and brewed in collaboration with our buddies @heirloomrusticales from Tulsa, Oklahoma. We fermented this spelt Farmhouse Ale at cooler temperatures in oak with a blend of a few of our favorite brewers yeasts. Half way through conditioning we added raw Virginia honey to the barrels. It was then lightly dry hopped and naturally conditioned in the bottle to higher volumes of carbonation with the addition of more raw honey from Tulsa.

I don’t generally enjoy Farmhouse Ales but I can sometimes find something to like about them if they get a decent dry-hopping. This one was not my jam. There is some combination of farmhouse yeast strains and bottle conditioning that makes these beers taste bad to me. I bought two bottles, so I’ll give the other one as a gift to a farmhouse-loving pal.

Safe As Milk podcast #2 is up.

Adam and have been recording a podcast on and off for a couple of months. We each pick three things to talk about over a beer. I dropped the ball and failed to mention the first one, but I’m here with a timely note on the second show. We’re calling it the Safe As Milk podcast, SaMcast for short.

Recording and editing a podcast is pretty fun. I’m excited to see what this turns into.

Hardywood Park Sidamo Coffee Stout

The Sidamo Coffee Stout is back for it’s second release. Built on their imperial stout (which I think is the best “basic” beer they make), it’s big but not too rich. The Sidamo Stout doesn’t skimp on the coffee and lets just a little bit of chocolate in to tie the whole thing together. It’s a limited release but they make and distribute a ton of it so you don’t have to hunt around town to get a bottle. The Bourbon-Aged version is a lot more limited and it’s even tastier. I held on to a bottle from last year and I plan to do a small tasting when I get a 2014.

San Diego, Day Two.

I’ve been home from SD for 2 days and I’m just feeling up to recapping. It was an excellent, exhausting time.

Friday at the con was first about getting in on a Monster Worship sale for these dudes:

I’ve admired Jeff Lamm’s work for a long time but it always sells out (and gets expensive on eBay). This was a chance to get a Greasebat and some of his pals at an easy price. I also impulse bought Johnny Ryan’s “Cannibal Fuckface” (in a different colorway than that link). It’s pretty cool but it’s the only thing I got this weekend that I wasn’t 100% on.

The other big Friday thing was watching David Choe and Asa Akira (don’t google her from work) do a live DVDASA podcast from the floor. It’s sweary and NSFW so take care with clicks.

It was weird and kind of gross with a hint of nudity. Later, they all did a signing at a yogurt shop in Poway, about half an hour outside of San Diego. We went out there thinking that it might be lightly attended since it was so far from the Con and he’s isn’t someone I’d immediately associate with comics in general. We were wrong.

We waited in this line for almost an hour. When we got up front they were giving away three posters that they were all signing *and* David Choe bought yogurt for everyone. It was nice to end the night with a sweet treat.