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Bill Sienkiewicz mural at SDCC

I’m not going to Comic-Con this year but I try to keep up with what’s happening there. This Elektra mural is siiiiiick.

#sdcc #sdcc2018 #sienkiewicz

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Fun little glitch site

Edgy reference, Peter

Gary Baseman – “Ahwroo” Figure

I’m a long-time fan of Gary Baseman. He’s one of those low-brow guys from old issues of Juxtapoz that really spoke to me. His paintings don’t always land for me but goddamn if this Ahwroo figure isn’t hitting me in my sweet spot. I’m not chipping in the $340 for it but I am definitely happy to tell you about it.

(FYI, my little Hand of Truth is still hanging in there, and on there)

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The Incredibles | A Little Golden Book

Oh wow. Design shop Invisible Creature was commissioned to make this Little Golden Book for The Incredibles.

I half-wish my kids were still young enough to be into this.

Back Alley Bookends

via Spoon and Tamago, these appeal to my appreciation of the miniaturized mundane.

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The clever idea is the brainchild of a Japanese designer who goes by the name monde. Based in Tokyo, monde creates objects inspired by the city but also animals and insects. The back alley bookends come in a pair and can be used together to replicate a small back alley, or they can be used individually, exposing the intricate stepping stones, A/C units, piping, plants and other details that have been carefully recreated by hand.

This is the giant, flame throwing mantis I was talking about.

The night is full of terrors.

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I do not like the Lumineers.

Machine Era / makerset Field Pen | Compact

This pen is the third thing I’ve ever funded on Kickstarter. It’s really really nice. Dead-silent click mechanism, juuust long enough to be usable but still small enough to disappear into a pocket.

Machine Era is a Richmond Va machine shop that is best known for their metal wallets. They made my (current) favorite pen, so I didn’t hesitate to back the campaign.

The makerset brand is an offshoot of Machine Era where they focus on writing instruments. I’m excited to see where they go.

Manskos, RIP

The mid-sole completely disintegrated on a trip to Trader Joe’s (and yes, I see the irony).

I had to slink out of the store, leaving a trail of powdered plastic in my wake. My family takes great delight in retelling the tale.

Tearracotta Army at the VMFA

Took in the Terracotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China exhibit this weekend and it was damn impressive. I’d read about the Terracotta Army before, but to see these 2000-year-old figures in person was humbling. It was shocking to see the level of detail that still exists in this clay. The horse and chariot, above, is a recreation based on the originals from the tomb network.

The below figures are the real-deal statues. You can see the detail in the hair and moustahces. It’s bonkers.

The exhibit runs through March of 2018, so check it out if you can.