Monthly Archives: October 2022

Fun new watch band for a new job

I do enjoy a “new watch band” post, and Crown and Buckle always have something fun to swap into.

Courtesy Desk Popup

I do enjoy stopping by the Cask for the semi-regular Courtesy Desk popup.

Tracy’s shop is stocked with great tunes worth checking out.

Making lemonade

Stuck in the Phoenix airport long enough to miss all of my connecting flights home, but I’ll land in Charlotte too late to do anything.

Not that I need a reason to have a cold one and a sandwich, but this’ll do.

Jerome, AZ

Tennis weekend wrapped up with a drive out into the Arizona desert.

Jerome is an old copper mining town that exists now as mostly a tourist stop along a twisty mountain road through the red rocks. Neat little place.

On last commute

Ended a long and winding chapter in my professional life today. I’ll miss this drive across the river but I’m excited about the next thing.

A classic for recording last night

They don’t all have to be dry-hopped collabs.

SaMcast 194

I wasn't allowed to tell my W. C. Fields joke, but we found a way to get through it anyway.


  • Adam – water
  • Mike – Gin and Tonic

###Followup and Footnotes

Tough Neighborhood

This sumbitch was eyeballing me while I took a call outside this afternoon.

I was the bigger man and just walked away. World’s got enough trouble without me stomping a sassy mantis, y’know?