Monthly Archives: July 2022


It was a lot of fun to get out with the old tennis guys last night. We joined a new club this year and I have been spending most of my time playing there. Thursday Night Tennis is still play for a couple of hours and then drink beer and hang for a while, and I’m glad for it, but the Ridgetop game always has bigger beers at the end and I’m moving a step slow this morning.

Now I have to decide if I’m going to play in the heavy heat this weekend.

Odd Beams

We’re deep in the throes of the Dog Days, which is fine. It’s July. I get it. I don’t love it, but I get it.

Been trying to spend as much time as I can in the pool we joined this summer. Even if it’s just for an hour at the end of the day. A dip and float does wonders for managing the day’s stress.

Phone wallpaper July 2022

No way I could let these crazy new NASA photos drop and not use one.

I love this stuff.

Full moon.

The iPhone low-light trick makes this one pretty good.

No, I got them all cut

Been a baldy for a while. At first voluntarily (it was the 90’s) and eventually against my will.

I still make a monthly trip to the barber. Mostly for the beard trim, but I usually get a complementary noggin shine thrown in.

Monday Again

From this morning’s Noahpinion, guest-written by Benn Eifert (@bennpeifert)

The investing industry is ridden with bullshit. The most common and insidious form is over-optimism: offers of tantalizing risk/reward that defy any notion of reality, often based on misinformation or deception. Less common but even more dangerous are outright frauds.

The problem is inherent to the product. Most consumer goods – apples, hotel rooms, laptop computers – are tangible objects or services that you can see, taste, feel, or experience, so you can judge how much they are worth to you. Investments represent claims about some future probability distribution of monetary outcomes which are not literally verifiable. The best an investor can do is form a reasonable judgment about the uncertainty around those claims, based on historical evidence and details about the mechanics of how those claimed outcomes are generated.

Far from breaking news, but a timely and well-written reminder in this age of “we hope to give you access to your assets soon“.


Unrelated, I get a great deal of joy from every issue of The Big Takeover. I love reading record reviews and every issue is packed full of bands I’ve never heard of, written about by people who care as much as I do.
I was extra excited to see the Wet Leg LP, the front-runner for my personal Record of the Year, in the 4-spot. Man, I hope they come nearby on their next US tour.


Literally snapped the other night.

I’ve got the ol’ gal in the shop and she she should be back and ready to go for more play this weekend.

Wrapped Vette

We don’t get all of the crazy cars here, but this hologram-wrapped Corvette deserved my attention.

It must be brilliant on a sunny day.

Pocket washout

June ended with one of those “slight chance of locally heavy rain” days where we fell smack in the middle of “locally”.

Big, fat raindrops backlit by bright sunshine is one of my favorite combos.

Happy summer.