Monthly Archives: January 2022

Safe As Milk 2021 Playlist

Adam and I talk a lot of music on the podcast. This is a Spotify playlist of songs we loved last year. We didn’t talk about all of them on the show, and they’re not all from 2021, but we each picked 10 to make a fun and eclectic mix.

Made myself laugh last week

I happened to check in with Twitter just as SBNation made that Eli Manning post, so there weren’t many replies. I got 100x more likes on that post than on anything I’ve ever posted (*and* it was a funny joke).

Sunday Daiquiri

This summer we started making fresh strawberry daiquiris on Sunday afternoons.

They’re surprisingly delicious and you can’t beat fresh strawberries. We tried recapture a little bit of summer yesterday, and it was close.

It’s a simple recipe: 2 parts rum, 1 part lime juice, 3/4 part simple syrup. I blend it together with a small handful of ice (we’re not making slushies), and pour it over a glass of ice.

It’s nice.

Jay Leo Phillips “You Might Not Like What You See When You Get There” (Official Video)

Internet pal M Eades put together this snappy video for Jay Leo Philips’, “You Might Not Like What You See When You Get There”.

Let’s ref some weightlifting!

I’m refereeing the first couple of sessions at the RVA Open this morning so I got to see the sunrise.


CYCLES – A film by Jason Goldwatch & The Alchemist

I’m sure I know more of The Alchemist’s work than I can think of right now, but this is a great audio/visual show.


I didn’t get the day off but I snagged these photos as I was leaving the office.

Not much prettier than a snow-covered tree.

SaMcast 175, Our 2021 Faves

We look back on our fave picks from 2021. There was some good stuff in there! Thanks for listening.

(06:38) ambient country music ep. 163
(07:27) Inscryption ep. 171
(09:45) Wet Leg ep. 170
(11:01) Call Me If You Get Lost – Tyler the Creator ep. 163
(12:22) The Rook ep. 167
(13:49) How the Word Is Passed ep. 169
(14:56) Hacks ep. 160
(16:43) The Blacktongue Thief ep.170
(19:17) In and of Itself ep. 152
(21:16) Jenkins & Jonez ep. 161

Adam – Whistle Pig Small Batch Rye
Mike – A Negroni, of course.