Made myself laugh last week

I happened to check in with Twitter just as SBNation made that Eli Manning post, so there weren’t many replies. I got 100x more likes on that post than on anything I’ve ever posted (*and* it was a funny joke).

Sunday Daiquiri

This summer we started making fresh strawberry daiquiris on Sunday afternoons.

They’re surprisingly delicious and you can’t beat fresh strawberries. We tried recapture a little bit of summer yesterday, and it was close.

It’s a simple recipe: 2 parts rum, 1 part lime juice, 3/4 part simple syrup. I blend it together with a small handful of ice (we’re not making slushies), and pour it over a glass of ice.

It’s nice.


I didn’t get the day off but I snagged these photos as I was leaving the office.

Not much prettier than a snow-covered tree.

SaMcast 175, Our 2021 Faves

We look back on our fave picks from 2021. There was some good stuff in there! Thanks for listening.

(06:38) ambient country music ep. 163
(07:27) Inscryption ep. 171
(09:45) Wet Leg ep. 170
(11:01) Call Me If You Get Lost – Tyler the Creator ep. 163
(12:22) The Rook ep. 167
(13:49) How the Word Is Passed ep. 169
(14:56) Hacks ep. 160
(16:43) The Blacktongue Thief ep.170
(19:17) In and of Itself ep. 152
(21:16) Jenkins & Jonez ep. 161

Adam – Whistle Pig Small Batch Rye
Mike – A Negroni, of course.